Making the Most of Your Talents on Social Sites

Creating a social media site showcasing your creative talents is easy, but making that site worthy enough for people to follow and like is a different story. Creativity, individualism and a demand for the service you are putting out for the world to love, are key ingredients to becoming the go to source for your specific niche, bringing a constant flow of traffic and hits.


Dark Lamb’s Tumblr keeps her lines clean with a pop of color shown through photos she posts and the occasional neon labels highlighting her date of post.

On her “About” tab, she mentions that her blog “was one of the first fashion blogs to be featured in the original Tumblr Directory” and is an expert in “luxury menswear, floral design and wardrobe/prop styling for photography,” so her blog consists of just that.

She posts editorial photos, photos of male models on runway shows and some personal photos, because this is what she knows and can provide comments on.

Her credibility is what brings audiences to her Tumblr blog, while her snarky comments on what designers are doing can bring just a hint of drama to her viewers.

She makes her Tumblr her own, by bringing her day to day creativity into her posts to make them stand out from the other fashion blogs on the social site.

If you’re in expert in picking the ripest fruit or pruning rose bushes just so, take that uniqueness and transform it into videos of how-tos or before and after photos with text added to explain difficulties or tips.


With more than 5.8 million users, Facebook is a great launching pad for individuals to help get word out of your blogs, music or artwork.

Kathryn Morgan, ballerina for the New York City Ballet, created a Page where she posts photos of her in recitals, offers tips on how to soothe aching feet and promotes her book.

As a soloist ballerina, she offers advice to fellow dancers and explains how to do steps seen on photos she shares with her fans.

Again, it is her credibility that makes people flock to her site. Her conversational posts makes her approachable and that is what fans want to see.

If you come across as interested in your fans and easy going, the more frequently they will want to visit your social site to see what you have to say.


How-to videos are a growing trend on YouTube, but you can take it one step further like Promise Tamang Phan did on her channel.

Phan took her makeup skills to a whole new level, not just recording tutorials on how to do your makeup for a night out, but how to completely transform yourself into someone else.

She has contoured and shaded her face to look like the doppelgangers of Johnny Depp, Kim Kardashian and even Neytiri from Avatar.

Take your very mainstream talent and think of unconventional ways it can be featured. Is gardening a hobby? Make a time sequence video of you arranging flowers and shrubs in a way that creates a portrait of some sort that can be seen in an aerial view.

Being an individual will set you apart from the other gardeners who create videos of how to plant or which plant is named what.

Whether you choose all or just a couple of these sites to show off your creativeness, the bottom line is to let people view how you can make something so simple into something genius.