Man Receives Kidney Transplant Via Facebook

It seems that nowadays you can find anything on the Internet… even organs. For those who are in desperate need of transplants, Facebook has offered a way to help.

Before, individuals who needed an organ transplant typically had to wait 3 to 5 years, and those who needed donors, had to depend on word-of-mouth or newspaper ads.

Now, with social media — especially Facebook, who is avidly looking for a way to solve the problem — you can take your case to the Internet, which is exactly what Damon Brown did. said, “Damon Brown found a kidney on Facebook after telling his story on a special page the Seattle dad created under the name, ‘Damon Kidney.’”

According to, Brown’s family and friends forwarded the link to as many people as they knew in hopes of finding someone that could help.

According to, Brown’s family forwarded the Facebook link to everyone they knew. Eventually, an acquaintance of his wife responded.

However, Facebook isn’t the only social networking site that has assisted in providing help to those in need of a transplant.

According to, 28-year-old Florida resident, Selina Hodge, posted her plea for a new kidney on Craigslist. She received over 800 replies and was able to get her transplant from a 23-year-old female.

It seems that if you know where to look, you can find anything on the Internet — perhaps even an organ donor, via social media, who can save your life.

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