Memes You Should Know

Memes are a prominent force on the Internet. However, some memes have more of a lasting effect than others, causing many to reference them long after their creation.

So what are the memes you should know? has proved to be a great source of information on the history of each meme and its origin. Let’s dive right in and find out which memes you should know about!

Forever Alone

Forever Alone is a meme character that Internet users use to express their dissatisfaction and sadness.

The earliest documented reference of Forever Alone appeared in April 2010, with the first post surfacing May 28, 2010 on

Since then, the Forever Alone meme has spread like wildfire. Some of the best examples of Forever Alone can be found here.


Philosoraptor is an image of a Velociraptor that appears to be deep in thought. The  meme is an image macro (a picture with captioned text). The meme challenges those who view the images with philosophical and insightful questions.

The earliest sightings of Philosoraptor were on The image consisted of a Velociraptor holding a book by Plato.

The most notable examples of Philosoraptor can be found here.

Haters Gonna Hate

Haters Gonna Hate is a meme that is used when someone doesn’t care about the negative comments they will receive. The image consists of a person or an animal walking around in an egotistical manner.

The saying “Haters Gonna Hate” was first heard in a pop song by 3LW, titled “Playas Gon’ Play.”

The original image for Haters Gonna Hate was an animated image of an overweight boy with a thought bubble that includes the quirky catchphrase.

The most notable examples of Haters Gonna Hate can be found here.

Hipster Ariel

With all the Internet memes going around, it seems only natural that Disney would eventually find its way into the meme world.

This is where Hipster Ariel comes in.

Hipster Ariel, or Hipster Mermaid, was created by Braden Graeber. Graeber took a screen shot of Ariel and photoshopped the popular Disney character with a pair of  Ray-Bans. The captions for Hipster Ariel are meant poke fun at stereotypical hipster sayings.

The popularity of Hipster Ariel has prompted a wave of Hipster Disney Villains. The most notable examples of Hipster Ariel can be found here.

Tiger Mom

The Tiger Mom meme is based on a book by Amy Chua titled “Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mom,” a story of how Chinese parents are better at raising their children than other parents. Chua’s viewpoint is that parents should be extremely strict with their children in order for them to be successful.

The Tiger Mom meme features an unidentified Asian woman posing sternly. It features stereotypical comments about wanting her children to excel and be the best at everything.

The most notable examples of Tiger Mom can be found here.

Sh*t Girls Say

Sh*t Girls Say is a meme that has taken the Internet by storm and started out as a Twitter on stereotypical things that girls would say.

The popular meme consists of men dressing up in drag and acting in stereotypical female ways. The meme has since expanded to YouTube and spawned a number of entertaining parodies depicting various cultures.


LOLcats is a meme that consist of humorous pictures of cats with captions in what is referred to as “lolspeak.”

LOLcats was made popular by It has spawned several separate memes, including Caturday and

The most notable examples of LOLcats can be found here.