5 Musicians Discovered Through YouTube

With the accessibility of the Internet, musicians, aspiring to make it big in Hollywood, have been able to use social media to their advantage. Social media has given several talented individuals the exposure they needed in order to gain worldwide fame — a kind of fame that they wouldn’t have been able to achieve without social outlets such as Facebook, Twitter or YouTube. Hence, NewMediaRockstars has provided a list of five musicians who have used YouTube to as a means to become Hollywood celebrities.

1. Justin Bieber: Everyone knows Bieber as the most successful musician to ever be discovered through the popular video-sharing site. According to Billboard.com, former So So Def marketing executive Scooter Braun stumbled upon the young star through YouTube and decided to get him in contact with Usher. Soon after being offered a recording deal with Island Records, Glamourvanity.com reported that the 15-year-old released his first single, “One Time,” which garnered positive reception internationally, making him an instant pop phenom. Now, Bieber’s name is a household name and he has YouTube to thank for playing such a huge role in his incredible success.

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2. Charice Pempengco: Charice makes singing look effortless. Her amazing vocal range and soulful approach when performing, makes it impossible for the audience to take their eyes away from the young and unbelievably talented musician. According to the singer’s personal website, charicemusic.com, Charice gained international recognition after a fan, under the YouTube handle FalseVoice, posted videos of Charice on YouTube. Rdasia.com reported that soon after, Charice was invited to “The Oprah Winfrey Show” and “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” According to CelebrityVIPLounge.com, since being discovered on YouTube, Charice has released a full-length album and has made appearances on “Glee.”

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3. Arnel Pineda: If you can imagine being chosen to be the lead singer of an already popular band simply through your YouTube videos, then you can imagine how Pineda felt when Journey chose him to be their new frontman. According to 977music.com, Pineda started uploading videos of himself performing cover songs of a number of bands including Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin and Journey in 2007. Since 2007, Pineda has been performing as the lead singer with the American rock band, Journey.

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4. Marié Digby: Marié Digby rose to YouTube fame in 2007 with her acoustic cover of Rihanna’s hit song, “Umbrella.” According to unifiedmanufacturing.com, Digby’s cover was played on multiple radio stations, landing her a gig on MTV’s “The Hills.” Letssingit.com reported that Digby has since been signed to Hollywood Records and released three studio albums.
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5. Esmée Denters: Dutch singer Esmée Denters also acquired celebrity status via YouTube. According to nightcelebrity.com, Denters began posting videos to YouTube in 2006, which eventually led Justin Timberlake to sign the talented singer to his label, Tennman Records. 977music.com reported that Denters released her first studio album in 2009, titled “Outta Here,” which has made the top 10 lists in a number European countries.

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