Tapping Into MGM’s “Tiny Tease”

Why so mysterious? If you’ve seen MysteryGuitarMan’s latest YouTube video, you know that it’s a 9-second preview of — well, you probably couldn’t really tell at first. Good thing NewMediaRockstars has the scoop, right?

According to MysteryGuitarMan’s assistant, Christian Fergerstrom, The video, titled “Tiny Tease,” is a sneak peek at MGM’s next two videos.

Before contacting MGM aka Joe Penna’s team, we made sure to watch the preview enough times to be able to gather that 1.) “Cool stuffs is in the works,” 2.) there’s a dubstep beat box involved and 3.) former “American Idol” sixth season contestant, Blake Lewis makes a cameo appearance in one of the videos.

Of course, with a little help from Fergerstrom, the preview makes a lot more sense.

According to Fergerstrom, one of the videos, titled “Dubstep Beat Box,” is about a box that “starts to move, make noises and fly around,” shortly after being delivered to MGM. Blake Lewis’ beatboxing skills are used as sound effects for the box.

The other video, titled “ Kwanten,” features Ryan Kwanten of “True Blood.” In this video, MGM and Kwanten race to obtain the last pair of “special sunglasses.” It looks like an intense competition, as MGM and Kwanten are shown jumping over cars and pulling at clothing to slow each other down.

Excited? We are too. If you’ve been sleeping for the last two days, and you haven’t seen the preview, check it out below. Also, check out the slow motion version, provided by YouTube user andersonrohr.