“Network” Exposes Digital Identities

Data and the information shared through connected networks are in constant motion. As bytes of data are converted into a multimedia message, MMS, information from emails, voice data and ISP data accompany the MMS.

VOD-1-19-12Every second, 28,000 multimedia messages consisting of 51,000 bytes of information are transmitted to the world communication network.

The average data user will have their information collected into 874 pieces of information a day, forming their digital identity.

A users digital identity is collected and subsequently sold to Ad servers, which tailor the information into custom marketing.

The way information is unknowingly collected and distributed can be an overwhelming concept, yet filmmaker Michael Rigley has streamlined this information in the web short “Network,” illustrating an idea that is often difficult to communicate.

The video visually represents how a digital fingerprint is bought and sold through every kind of digital interaction.

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