PBS Arts On The Music Industry

VOD-1-18-2012It is sometimes easy to forget that the Internet has been one of the most powerful tools used by artists to share their content. The rise of shared Web content introduced millions to artists, musicians and personalities that would have never been discovered without blogs and services like YouTube.

PBS Arts pays homage to the evolution of the music industry through shared media in their latest edition of “Off Book.” Senior Editor of Pitchfork, Ryan Dombal, is one of the high profile names featured in the video, which discusses the quality of musical content that new technology has made possible.

As the Internet has evolved so has the global market for the arts. Creators of every genre have discovered the ability to market and publish themselves in a way where they could garner viral attention, without direction and guidance from mega labels.

The freedom gained through Web sharing has allowed artists to create something new and inventive in ways never explored before.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=puC38rhREvc]

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