Prolong Your Career Through Social Media

The entertainment world can seem glamorous, however, the careers of models and mainstream and independent entertainers can be short-lived and constantly traded in for younger talent.

According to  model Coco Rocha, via the Associated Press on, being a part of social media has prolonged her career by giving her a voice to that pretty face of hers.

Sean Patterson, president of the Wilhelmina modeling agency, told AP that “name recognition increases a model’s value.” What better way to put your name out there than by subscribing to Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook?

Through these avenues, celebrities, both mainstream and independent, can interact with fans first hand. By being approachable, fans will begin to not just love your work, but start loving you as a person as well.

Rocha gives her 227,815 Twitter followers a peek at her quirky side through her tweets, showing them that despite her sometimes icy and distant looks on photos, the model also has a funny side.

“THIS MADE MY DAY!! Its [sic.] so true, what’s wrong with us models?! xx Coco (Cc: @CindyCrawford @BeePrinsloo @karliekloss),” Rocha tweeted alongside a comic featuring her as the butt of the joke.

Not only can you, as a rising star, reveal yourself to fans, but social media gives your fans the ability to interact with you instead of having to deal with a publicist who can fail to pass on letters or messages.

YouTube personality Jenna “JennaMarbles” Mourey is another perfect example of an artist who knows how to use social media to prolong her career.

The vlogging superstar uses her blog, Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook to promote her videos which attract millions of views.

Follow Their Lead

Although each star uses social networking sites to make them a household name, the two use the same social sites differently giving rising stars choices on how to go about using these sites.

Tumblr: Rocha uses this site to post her professional work, even spoofed photos of those same works, as well as videos and articles written of charities she supports. This works as a portfolio, of sorts, and lets potential agents get a close look of your current work.

Mourey’s approach is different because fans are already aware of her personal life, because that is what her vlogs are all about; rants of her day-to-day life experiences.

Therefore, because she already comes across as approachable, she uses Tumblr to post photos of her dogs, which fans are well acquainted with, and of her partying for the holidays or crashing out after the party.

She also uses this outlet to post her videos, which conveniently allows the follower to watch the new video of the day by not having to click out of her page or the site.

Twitter: This is the social site that Rocha uses to give followers a closer look into who she is. She tweets about the places she’s visiting, how her boat ride was on her way there and how happy she is to have arrived at her beautiful destination.

She posts pictures of her getting ready for fashion shows and of her views from the many destinations her career takes her.

It’s also nice to see her casually tweet with her celebrity friends through the site.

Mourey uses Twitter to respond back to fans who have Mentioned her and ask for advice on where to find articles of clothing or to comment on how “omg so cute” a follower’s pitfull is.

She, like Rocha, updates her Twitter so fans know what she is up to when she is not doing her videos every Wednesday. On Tuesday, Jan. 4 she tweeted, “Ok I need to get some sleep because tomorrow is #sexualwednesday and I need to get the b*tches excited.”

She let’s fans know when she is uploading the video and provides the link when the video is ready for viewing.

Facebook: on Rocha’s fan Page, she combines all the social sites she’s signed up in and provides fans the contact information they need to freely send her messages and look through her portfolio and charity works.

Mourey provides links for fans to interact and suggest ideas for her next video. She encourages viewers to send videos of them doing “turtle spins” and posting pictures of their best “The Face” photos to share with her and other fans.

Facebook fan Pages of artists, like Mourey and Rocha’s, is mostly designed to let fans take free reign of what gets posted on the site. They get to share and make comments with other fans, but the occasional response from the celebrity makes the “Liking’ worthwhile.

Blogging: Although Rocha uses her Tumblr account as a blog, Mourey has taken the extra step to create her own separate blog. What makes this a great idea is it reaches a different audience who enjoys not just watching he videos, but reading what she has to say.
The entertainer posts products she enjoys using, like lip glosses, body lotions and vacuum cleaners, and writes why she enjoys using these products in her funny, quirky way.