SOPA Made Simple

As major websites and tech giants went black on Wednesday in protest of anti-piracy laws, digital media outlets erupted with explanations and analysis of what the bills propose.

In the shortest possible explanation, the SOPA bill would allow intellectual property owners (major media corporations) to identify unauthorized sites that distribute everything from movies to music.

Due to the fact that most sites distributing these properties are typically foreign, SOPA would allow studios and corporations to shut down domains outside of U.S jurisdiction as well as the search engines that link to the same sites.

It seems like a fairly simple bill that will allow the protection of artistic property, however, in the likeliest case, it will do much more than is openly presented.

Fight for the Future has created a short video, released to Vimeo and YouTube, explaining the deeper and much more troubling consequences of the bills.

“Protect IP/ SOPA Breaks The Internet,” explains the more confusing and hidden agendas behind SOPA and PIPA in simple terms accompanied with visual representation.

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