Top 5 Themes Used By Bloggers On Tumblr

In an earlier post, we gave you 10 tips on how to make your blog famous, one of which illustrated the notion that customizing your theme, to make it more eye-catching, could be the deciding factor in whether or not visitors stay on your blog for more than five seconds.

Of course, making sure the layout is easy to navigate and fits your topic are also important elements to consider. With so many Tumblr themes to choose from, you can customize just about any kind of layout to match your personal style and interests.

So why do bloggers take their design so seriously? They need to be able to capture the attention of millions of users, browsing the Internet, with their content and visual appeal. They want visitors to stay on their page, check out their content and decide that it’s good enough to return to the site.

That said, we have provided the top 5 Tumblr themes, according to the number of current bloggers using each layout.

1. Redux: The Redux theme is every one’s first Tumblr layout. Despite being the default theme, its design is tasteful and the color scheme is clean and coordinated. What it lacks in background design, it makes up for in simplicity, making it easier for visitors to navigate the blog. There are currently 3,094,219 bloggers using the Redux theme.
2. Fluid: With a splash of color — shades of turquoise, violet, magenta and pumpkin — the Fluid theme is dark but not too dark. The text is white, with a combination of Helvetica, Arial and sans-serif fonts, making it easy to read. The design semi-possesses a 3-D feel, while still being easy on the eyes. There are currently 951,834 bloggers using the Fluid theme.
3. The Minimalist: If you’re looking for a modern theme, look no further than The Minimalist. The plain white background and black text, makes for a timeless design. If you’re looking to customize a theme, that you won’t get tired of, The Minimalist is a definite go-to. The tan colored dividers, that separate each post, add just enough color to the layout. There are currently 773,009 bloggers using The Minimalist theme.
4. Plaid: At first glance, the vibrant Plaid theme appears childish. However, bright colors can sometimes be the reason people, browsing the Internet, decide to check out your site. Also, the white background in each post makes the page look more organized and less cluttered. While this one may be a little over the top, it still caught your attention, right? There are currently 398,532 bloggers using the Plaid theme.
5. One Very Important Thought: If you want a dark theme for your Tumblr, One Very Important Thought is both tidy and orderly. The dark grey background, combined with peach-toned text and red links offers a fresh and original look. There are currently 318,070 bloggers using the One Very Important Thought theme.