Urban Artist SEZE Shares Work Via YouTube

In an effort to share his artwork with millions of street art enthusiasts, urban artist Carlos “SEZE” Chavez uploaded a series of YouTube videos that he refers to as “The Garage Sessions.”

In the video, titled “SEZE x Spray paint portrait of Jack Nicholson in The Shining,” SEZE is shown, in front of a blank wall in his garage, preparing spray cans for a 6-hour artistic undertaking of Jack Nicholson in the classic horror film, “The Shining.”

With a brief 3-minute homemade video — and with the help of several short cameo appearances from his mother and three dogs Kobe, Max and Gus — SEZE is able to demonstrate his incredible spray painting dexterity using a more personal approach.

When we asked SEZE why he chose to create this particular piece, he said, “I’m a big Jack Nicholson fan, to be honest. I really like that movie and I think he did a really good job acting. I felt like the piece was a classic portrait to paint.”

For this piece, SEZE used 94’s from Montana Colors. The video also features background music from Portishead (“Sheared Box”).

Check out SEZE’s Facebook, YouTube channel and personal blog for updates on his latest work.