What Does David Choi Think About SOPA?

David Choi is a native Los Angeles singer/songwriter/producer whose songs and tracks have been heard on NBC, FOX, VH1, MTV, A&E, E!, Travel Channel, Style, PBS, Food Network, Disney, as well as in national commercials overseas. He has worked with companies such as Kelloggs, Starburst, American Cancer Society, GE, YesStyle, Samsung and JC Penney. On YouTube, he has over 925,000 subscribers and more than 98 million views.

It’s quite interesting to see how a lot of big musicians, producers, songwriters, publishers and entertainment industry folk are very silent about SOPA. I get it. It’s true that SOPA will protect their music and will make sure that the creators (and everyone down the food chain) gets paid for all their hard work, which is totally fair and I completely understand.

BUT, I don’t think it should be at the expense of FREEDOM, which the Internet has done so well in fostering.

One of the main issues with SOPA is “PIRACY.” I’ve always looked at piracy like this; If someone wants to pirate my music, they will always find a way. If someone can support me by purchasing music, merch, or coming to a show, they will do that too (thanks!).

The Internet gives people a choice to make decisions and I love that. Allowing anything like SOPA to pass will create less ways of getting information and content. SOPA will turn a free world into a restricted world. With restrictions, creativity hits walls. What kind of world would it be if we lost that freedom?

Artists are NOTHING without fans. Songs are NOTHING without listeners. It’s about serving the people, and the corporations that are pushing SOPA have not been doing their jobs if the public is going against them.

Remember, it’s about the music FIRST, then the rest will follow.


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