Why Top Brands Create Tumblr Accounts

Being able to blog your favorite photos, videos, quotes, songs, links, thoughts and conversations with ease is perhaps the principal reason Tumblr has experienced such positive reception throughout the online community. Since its launch 4 years and 11 months ago, the popular microblogging platform has taken the Internet by storm, causing many top brands to gradually integrate Tumblr into their social media repertoire.

With a large community of more than 40 million blogs on the social networking site, Tumblr is another medium in which brands can distribute their content and generate a larger following. Tumbleloggers can follow different brands and interact with them by clicking the “like” heart icon, posting a reply or reblogging the post — a great way for brands to get their name tossed around the site.

Also, If you haven’t already noticed, many Tumblr blogs are dominated by visual content. For a publishing brand, like the Los Angeles Times, being able to focus on posting eye-catching images on their Tumblr— as opposed to lengthy written content, which can be found on their actual website — can help attract more visitors, looking for fast information to browse through.

Of course, the fact that Tumblr offers all of its nifty features for free — well, that certainly helps. According to the “Why Everyone Loves Tumblr” page on the site, using the popular microblogging platform, brands, and Tumbleloggers alike, can:

  • Choose from a variety of different themes (that are also customizable)
  • Create unique themes, exclusive to the brand/blogger
  • Post from mobile phones
  • Create custom domains
  • Make blog or posts private
  • Post high resolution photos
  • Set up Google Analytics
  • Keep Tumblr free of advertisements
  • Automatically Tweet posts on Twitter or publish posts on Facebook
  • Post under a copyright (Thank you, Tumblr)
  • Use the post queue feature
  • Get FeedBurner support (track RSS subscriptions)
  • Open blog for Q&A and/or submissions
Hence, we have compiled a list of several major brands who have created Tumblr accounts. You’ll find that each blog has made use of the available features in different ways. For instance, some have kept the default theme, while others have created original designs or used one of Tumblr’s available themes. You’ll also notice how each brand focuses on posting more images to create a more aesthetically pleasing experience for visitors. Check out some of the Tumblr accounts below — who knows, you might end up following one of them.

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