YouTube Armageddon: Damage Report

The numbers are in and it seems some YouTube stars have suffered some casualties in their subscriber counts, post YouTube Armageddon.

Compiled below are the top five YouTube stars who, according to, have suffered the greatest losses in the past seven days, due to YouTube deleting false and inactive subscriber accounts.


5. Nigahiga

Nigahiga lost 83,512 subscribers, going down to having 4,907,603 subscribers on his YouTube channel.


His channel showcases music videos of him rapping and singing with friends about “Christmas Swag” or being “Nice Guys,” as opposed to the bad boys girls date, featuring Kina Grannis.


Higa’s channel also has comedic videos of topics ranging from “Things That Ruin Thanksgiving” to “Royal Wedding Reaction Video” with bloopers and outtakes added at the end.


His YouTube channel shows that, despite’s current numbers, his YouTube subscriber numbers have gone up to 5,039,717 since the site was last updated.


The “Nice Guys” music video had the most views with 29,929,044 and the single is also available on iTunes.


4. ShaneDawsonTV

ShaneDawsonTV lost 87,682 subscribers, bringing his count down to 2,849,255 subscribers. “Ask Shane Mondays” allows fans to send him questions via Twitter and he answers while wearing costumes his fans suggest. He started to do editions like “Ask Shane: Brothers Edition,” where he had his brother come out and they answered questions together.


His most popular character, Shananay, is him dressed up as a “light-skinned” woman who acts and talks like a black woman who is a loud, hilariously vulgar and an unapologetic character with a dangerously arched eyebrow.


She makes being a DMV instructor, a vacuum saleswoman and a grinch stealing Christmas the best and funniest occupations to have.


He has three different channels to subscribe to: ShaneDawsonTV and ShaneDawsonTV2, where he posts skits and “Ask Shane” and Shane, which are his daily iPhone vlogs.


As of today, his YouTube channel currently shows that his subscriber numbers have gone up to 2,944,921 since was last updated.


3. Fred

Fred lost 99,981 subscribers with his final count being 2,260,834. Fred started his YouTube career as an extremely energetic child who is addicted to medication and sounds like he has been sucking helium all day.


With the rise of his popularity, Fred branched off as an animated series titled, “It’s Fred!” on his YouTube channel with six episodes.


On Sunday, Lucas Cruikshank, who plays Fred, made in announcement, with his normal voice, that Nickelodeon will be hosting his new show titled, “Fred the Show,” and will release a sneak peak after iCarly on Monday. Fred’s channel contains his animated series, Classic Fred and music videos, to name a few.


His YouTube channel currently shows that his subscriber numbers have gone up to 2,361,610 since last updated its website.


2. Machinima

Machinima lost 107,104 subscribers leaving the gaming company with a total of 3,967,320 subscription counts.

Machinima releases a variety of videos centered on animated series based on video games, like Zelda and Sonic, or pitting gaming characters against each other, like Ryu from Street Fighter and Scorpion from Mortal Kombat on their segment titled, “Versus.”

On this segment, fans can choose which two characters will fight against each other, while two commentators pick their side and discuss the benefits their character has to win the fight, based on past and present video games.


The winner of the “Versus” match is then voted and decided by the viewers and presented in another video.


They also post videos on the top “10 Ways to Kill Your Best Friend (Minecraft Machinima)” and create short films out of the video games showing viewers how to successfully play and win a game like “Final Mission (Starcraft 2 Machinima).”


John Woo paired up with Machinima to bring his graphic novel, “Seven Brothers,” to life in an animated series through their channel.


They also have guest appearances, like Efren Ramirez who plays Pedro on Napolean Dynamite, being greeted by ‘Mario’ and having him play and comment while playing Mario Kart64.


1. RayWilliamJohnson

RayWilliamJohnson suffered the most subscription losses with 113,866 in a week, leaving him with a total of 5,136,743.


Johnson has made his name in the YouTube community by providing funny comments on the top three viral videos of the week, making them funnier than they already are.


He encourages viewers to send “Comment Questions” via videos so other viewers can leave their answer in the comments section below. Johnson picks his favorite answers and posts them on his next video.


When he is not able to record a segment for his channel, he recruits Kaseem G and  Gabriel Iglesias to cover for him to keep his viewers laughing.


Despite, his channel boasts 5,283,768 subscribers to date.


*Disclaimer: Numbers may have changed slightly since publishing of this article