YouTube Star Loses Battle To Cancer

YouTube star Kristian Anderson lost his 2-year battle with bowel cancer Monday at Manly Hospital in Sydney, Australia.

The 36-year-old YouTuber gained fame for creating a video for, his wife, Rachel’s birthday in which the Prime Minister of New Zealand and Australian actor Hugh Jackman made special guest appearances. said, “The video he made for Rachel’s birthday, declaring his love for her, earned the couple an appearance on “The Oprah Winfrey Show” – and came with a gift of $250,000 to help them spend quality time together.” reported that Rachel had the job of delivering the news of their father’s death to sons 5-year-old Cody and 3-year-old Jakob.

According to, Rachel said that Cody has been referring to Anderson’s funeral as ‘Daddy’s Concert.’ reported that in his final blog post, titled “How the light gets in,” Anderson wrote, “The truth being we’re all broken, we’re all cracked and what so many people see as a fault or a malfunction really is something to be considered useful.”

Anderson went on to write that he felt his time coming to an end. He thanked his readers for sticking with him and hoped that they could find the same peace he found.