+1 Your Way to Search Result Relevancy

Are you a new media artist or brand that’s also looking for your pages to show up at the top of search result pages? Duh. Chances are that if you’re the former, you’re also the latter. After all, showing up early and often in search engine results is an indication of popularity. Remember the classic thought experiment: if a tree falls in the forest and no one hears it, does it make a sound? Well, if your page link doesn’t show up in Google search results until the 9th page, does it get clicked? Not unless you gave your direct URL to your MOTHER. Aw, SNAP! Oh wait, that’s what I have to do. Major sad face time  :-(((


Get your cat blog the attention it truly deserves.

But don’t wallow in despair like me; there may yet be hope in getting your cat petting tips blog and rant videos about <insert reality show title here> higher in search engine rankings so that all of us, the masses, will be able to appreciate all the hours of your life you dedicate to watching, recapping and reviewing  “The Real Housewives and Tiaras of Kardashian Shore.” Please, jebus, allow me to come across more search results like these. And we all will if you learn how to utilize social networking tools like an SEO pro!

Google and Bing representatives have admitted over the last year that social media approval figures into their complex search engine algorithms. This means that all the tweets, likes, shares and +1’s may affect how your site or particular work is ranked. With the near-universality of social media use, Google and Bing understand that a strong positive social media confluence on any one site is a sign of its relevance. It’s a group of people giving their thumbs up – votes of approval that may in part be used to determine if and how your site or work are to be presented to internet searchers. Here are some tips on how to use social media to improve your rankings:

Good Content

1.     Have good content. Duh. If no one wants to see, hear or read whatever you’re putting out there, then they won’t. You want to entice people to share your content, not click out of it.

Have Social Networking Accounts

2.     Set up social networking accounts in you or your brand’s name. Pick out social networking sites that you know you’ll keep up with, and that you believe potential followers are likely to be on. The most obvious to have are of course also the most ubiquitous – Facebook and Twitter, which play a role in Bing’s rankings, and perhaps a lesser one in Google’s. Don’t forget about the Google+ service and the figured prominence Google wants its +1 button to play in its own search rankings. So make sure your page or work has at least the Facebook like, Twitter share and Google +1 buttons available among whatever other social networking options you want your site or work shared on, and make sure that they’re easily seen and accessible so that they get clicked. That’s the goal, remember?

Comment and Share

3.     Comment and share with your audience. Social media is very much a two-way street – so you gotta give too, jerkface. Expand the avenues through which your work is promoted by perhaps retweeting Twitter users who you may want to retweet you. Promote those whom you want to promote you by sharing, and interact with the people who support your content and they’ll be more likely to continue to support you by promoting your content – that means all the shares, likes, +1’s and tweets you crave.

Connect Your Sites

4.     Make sure your social networking pages connect back to your main site. Promote your page somewhat regularly with direct links so that your followers are able to go to your main site to see what’s new or revisit previous material. Make sure that the tweets or posts that link back to your site are teasers that attract, rather than bore or turn off. Once traffic is flowing in from social media networks, they are more likely to vote through the social media icons on your page that boost their search visibility.All those +1’s are very valuable. Now give me some (I have a feeling this will turn out as well as my ploy for Twitter followers.)

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