10 Things Social Media Idiots Do

Looking to hire a “social media expert,” awesome just make sure they’re not an idiot. See below.

  1. They claim they are “social media experts” when they have less Twitter followers than shots made by Lebron James during fourth quarter.
  2. On the other hand, if they have a significant amount of followers, they act like they are the biggest influencers since Jesus Christ.
  3. #They #feel #the #need #hashtag #everything, #even #in #emails #and #sometimes #text #messaging.
  4. Their main selling point when selling their services to companies is “I can get you lots of followers on Twitter and likes on Facebook!”
  5. Aside from gaining followers, they can’t give you a concrete answer if you inquire on the last time they used social media to make themselves or a company income.
  6. They feel the need to announce to everyone they are participating in a social media outlet at any given time to prove their “expertise in social media”. (ex. “Look! I just walked into a restaurant, let me check in on Foursquare! Let me go on Facebook and tag you! Let me Instigram this! I am so Yelping this when I get home!”).
  7. They attend every single social media event and act like a boss because they have “more followers than you.”
  8. They must tweet/update their status whenever they are with someone with more social media influence–EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. (ex. Eating lunch with @personIamsuckinguptowithhopesIcanusehimorhertogetmorefollowers)
  9. They’ll break out in hives if they don’t check their iPhone/Android/Blackberry every five minutes.
  10. They try to one-up you during every conversation. (ex. Have you heard of *insert random new social media start-up no on has ever heard of*? It is the BIGGEST thing right now)

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