3 Ways to get Youtube Money (Aside from AdSense)

One of the main things I think YouTube artists have to realize is the value of their audience. You carry an audience that can potentially tailor to a specific niche that is more valuable then Adsense in the long run. Because of that, here are 3 ways you can monetize your YouTube channel aside from relying purely on Adsense.


1. Monetizing Cover Songs:

Did you cover a popular song recently? A great way to monetize cover songs would be to sign up for affiliate programs for the original song via affiliate networks. Two main affiliate sites that I recommend are Linkshare and Amazon Associates. Linkshare tailors to iTunes affiliate offers and Amazon Associates is Amazon listed products only. Both these sites are easy to sign up for.

If Amazon and or Linkshare has the original song you are covering as an affiliate offer, you can promote these links on the description section of your video. You will then get a cut of any sales sold for anyone who bought your song using your affiliate link. You can also get more creative by either setting up a customize URL redirect or bit.ly for the link and embed it on your video.


2. Joining cost-per-action affiliate networks:

These affiliate networks offer programs that pay you based on “action” by the user and not by “sales”. I remember running a campaign for E-Harmony back in the day where I was provided an affiliate link that I had to promote. I received a set amount of money for every sign-up I received. I can’t advise you anymore on this point as every affiliate network is different. However, some of the best affiliate networks I have worked with include Neverblue, EpicDirect, and Fluxads. The downside to trying to sign up for these networks is that they are more exclusive. Because of that, make sure to stress how much viewership you get for your channel so they see the traffic you can potentially drive for their advertisers. Once you’re accepted, you are provided with an Affiliate Manager who will work with you on choosing the most optimal offers to run on your channel.


3. Work with third party advertisers:

The last point would be to reach out to different brands and companies whom you might think would be interested in advertising to your audience via your channel. See below for an example for what EpicMealTime did with their advertiser Netflix. Check out our article on how to sell your YouTube channel to advertisers for more information.


Do you have any more tips on how to make money from YouTube? Comment below!

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