5 Popular Unsigned Youtube Singers

Justin Bieber, Greyson Chance, Charice, and Arnel Pineda – what do they all have in common? I mean, beside the fact that they’re all people you would never ever listen to willingly? Of course, Justin is the exception; he croons to me every night in bed while I longingly stare up at his poster, teary-eyed. *Sigh*. No, they all hit it big after Youtube videos of them caught the attention of people in high places. Justin Bieber was introduced to and then signed by Usher. Greyson Chance was signed by Ellen Degeneres (Yes, she has a record label. Because she’s so good with music. And stuff.) Charice by Ellen and Oprah. Arnel Pineda by Journey’s Neil Schon. But wait, there are more on your way! Youtube users Karmincovers (Karmin), skillzaisherebooya (Conor Maynard), and zeldaxlove64 (Christina Grimmie) have been so popular on Youtube with their cover videos that they all have soon-to-be-released or recently-released major label record albums. So who are some of the most popular Youtube singers that may be next to major label support, and perhaps musical superstardom after that?



Cute twins Janice and Sonia were born and raised in Sydney, Australia, so expect lots of didgeridoos and dingo cries in their music videos. Babies get carried away too. While what I described would actually be pretty cool, Jayesslee’s videos are plenty entertaining for their more than 313 thousand subscribers. They cover songs like Bruno Mar’s “Just the Way You Are,” and Jessie J’s “Price Tag” armed with a just a guitar and their melodic voices.




Ack, more twins! Trust me, I have no predilection for twins that sing – blame Youtube users. These twins have nearly double (over 615 thousand) the subscribers that Jayesslee have, but in my ever-humble opinion they have neither the pipes (or looks) to really rival the Aussie twins. For the most part, this pair’s channel seems to be a tween pop affair. Example of typical comment: “I AM IN LOVE WITH LIZ’S OUTFIT AND HER HAIR AND MAKE UP! I LOVE HER PANTS TOO! ONLY LIZ COULD ROCK THEM!” TOTALLY, GUYS!



Here, bespectacled Alex Goot covers various pop songs, usually with the help of guitar and piano. His singing style? Over-enunciating and emo-like. Check out his versions of Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way,” and Rihanna’s “We Found Love.” Also, peep his collaboration video covering Eminem’s “Lighters.” You’ve never heard a hip hop song sound so positively white…. bread. Wait, Eminem is black, right? Whatever. Over 520 thousand Youtube users subscribe to his channel and love it.




Acapella! Beatboxing! Giant headphones! BRADY BUNCH BOXES! This is what you can expect from Mike Tompkin’s Youtube channel. Take a listen to his peppy hoppy cover videos and just try to not bop your head. Over 446 thousand subscribers tried to resist and failed.





Ah, my beautiful Nichole. The voice of a sparrow. Check out her original composition “Both of My Feet Hurt,” or her cover of Miley Cyrus’s “Party in the USA,” which is a Youtube classic with over 6 million views. LA Reid, you need to sign this diva, pronto.

So what are you waiting for aspiring musicians? Put down those Olive Garden trays you’ve been carrying to keep you afloat until the next American Idol tryouts, and post your best cover videos to Youtube. You can thank me with a mention in your next CD album.



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