Are You Jeremy Lin-ing? #linsanity

You Just Got Linned!!!!

Lin blowing up the whole sports world... and Andrew Bynum.

As in Jeremy Lin, the New York Knicks point guard currently blowing up the basketball world. No, actually he’s blowing up the whole sports world. And the social media world? Just forget about it. Okay, fine, he’s blowing up the WORLD WORLD. An Asian finally went and did it, and Kim Jong-Il has been dead for months. That was the obligatory “bad Asian joke,” by the way. It’s done, I did it, I know it wasn’t funny, let’s move on.

If you haven’t heard his name by now, you must be living under a rock. And if you have heard of him and aren’t impressed, then you must be a RACIST. Oh sorry, knee-jerk reaction – heard too many bad Asian jokes lately and it’s gotten to me. So let’s recap: Jeremy Lin is an NBA basketball player that has been “filling up the stat sheet like it’s his college app” (it’s a current Lin meme!). The story is dynamite because he had previously been languishing at the end of the New York Knicks bench, and was possibly going to be cut. Just like he had been in Houston (the Rockets). And in Golden State (the Warriors) before that. But now he’s made the Knicks winners in a big media city and grabbed the national spotlight. And oh yeah, I forgot to mention that he’s an Ivy Leage-educated Asian-American.

That last fact especially has many Asian-Americans (among others) across the United States scrambling to Tweet, Facebook and create Lin memes in support of “Linsanity.” “Lin” has been mentioned more than 655 thousand times over the past week on Twitter, and has gained more than 200 thousand followers in the same span of time. He’s got highlight, tribute and music videos dedicated to him. And it goes beyond the States – in China, Lin’s name is among the top 10 most searched terms on Sina Weibo, China’s microblogging equivalent of Twitter. Of course, Lin deserves all the laudatory Tweets and memes, but along with the good always comes the bad. Brace yourselves for a couple of these. Here are several of the notable tweets about Lin in the last week:

Jeremy Lin is a good player but all the hype is because he’s Asian. Black players do what he does every night and don’t get the same praise.

Some lucky lady in NYC is gonna feel a couple inches of pain tonight.
(Whitlock’s apology for his Tweet was equally pathetic. Listen to Spike Lee’s advice and “STOP ASIAN PROFI-LIN.”)

In New York, tall Asian guys are now getting double takes on the street. “Was that Jeremy Lin?”

Jeremy” I’m Straight Up From Outta Space,I’m A ET-“Lin. Ohhhhhh Sheeeeet
(Lee’s Twitter has been all-Lin all week – literall-Lin… dang, at least I tried)



If you love sports you have to love what Jeremy Lin is doing. Getting an opportunity and exploding!!

Everytime i try to get into Madison Square Garden, the security guards ask me if im a trainer LOL
(Tweeted on Feb. 4, the day Linsanity hit)

What do you think of Super Lintendo and the social media storm that he’s Lin-stigated? Help… can’t… stop… Lin-ing….

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