Beauty Gurus Of YouTube

It is no secret that beauty tutorials are a big hit on YouTube.  Thousands flock to these talented ladies for the best smoky eye or the best advice on how to successfully wear red lipstick. Their step by step directions make even the most challenging concept seem achievable. But which ones are the best? Which ones as the most creative and informative? We have collected our personal Top 5 Best Beauty Gurus.



Any avid beauty guru has heard of Michelle Phan .With her glamorous makeup tutorials, Michelle not only offers beauty tutorials that you can rely on for everyday wear and evening wear, she also caters to those who want a bolder look  by creating makeup tutorials for Lady Gaga’s Poker Face look. You can also find a wide variety of DIY makeup products .

Michelle is also a spokesperson for Lancôme and has an eye shadow palate that can be purchased through

YouTube Channel:



Hailing from the UK, Panacea81, has a wide array of videos, ranging for acceptable makeup looks to wear around the office, reviews on makeup products and an advice column.  A visit to her website will reveal where you can buy her makeup brushes (designed by her) and where you can download an app that will allow you to do the following:

Watch, rewind and pause videos covering the basics, celebrity looks and other tips and tricks:
· All the current additional video downloads are FREE
· Try new looks for new occasions in Inspire Me
· Explore your look in Style Profile
· Have some virtual make-up fun with Apply the Look
· Share your look, your inspiration and your style on FB and Twitter
· New looks added regularly and available to download from the iTunes store.

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Dope2111 (Promise Tamang Phan) offers a wide variety of makeup tutorials from Snooki to Disney Princesses, you can always find something interesting and informative from this YouTube user.  If you’ve ever wondered how to do the blue body paint for Mystique from X-men, look no farther. While many of her makeup tutorials relate around animated, video game or movie characters they are interesting, informative and just plain fun to watch!

YouTube Channel:



MakeUpGeek TV has makeup tutorials that are simple and easy to understand regardless if you’re a pro or a makeup noob. Her videos are informative, informational and just plain fun to watch. If you’ve ever wondered how to blend makeup like a professional, MakeupGeekTV is the place for you to go.

As an added bonus, if you want to search for makeup looks that are categorized by color, you have to look no further than her blog.’

YouTube Channel:



One of the brightest and bubbliest personalities in the beauty guru world, Kandee Johnson certainly has a lot to bring to the table in terms in creativity. Not only does she have a wide range of DIY videos, but she also gives tutorials in nail art and costume makeup. If you’ve ever wondered how to replicate Jem’s makeup or Cyndi Lauper, Kandee Johnson is your go to girl!

YouTube Channel:

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