Bringing Your Online Persona into the Real World

We know that building your brand online through social media is invaluable to a new media artist. The ability to channel new media into a means of independent PR is a trademark of Generation Y. However, it is important to not completely abandon traditional ways of connecting with your audience.

It is critical to remember that at the end of the day all those views, re-tweets  and shares  come from real people. A good way to gain more traction is to embrace opportunities to connect with your fans by bringing your online persona into the “real world.” Here are some ideas we came up with to help you do this:


Visual Artists:

We have so many ideas for you! We suggest getting involved in local art walks in your community, this allows you to connect with other local artists where you can learn and network. We also suggest doing live paintings at events, which will allow people in on your artistic process and showcases your raw talent. Bringing your work into public spaces is another great way to connect with fans, renting galleries or clubs to display your art and inviting your online audience to come meet you can do just that. Collaborating with small business like restaurants that will allow you to hang your art on their walls is another great way to do this. For video artists, renting a space and showing your films will help you connect with fans and see how a live audience reacts to your work.

Make-up artists:

We understand that getting a job at a make-up counter is not the most appealing way to get your work into the real world, so we suggest utilizing a few other avenues that can help showcase your artistic ability. Weddings are great way to showcase your talent and create word of mouth connections. Chances are if you impress one wedding party with your work, your name will come up the next time a friend is searching for makeup artist. Similarly we suggest working on stage shows and plays, even small scale productions are beneficial. We also suggest teaming up with a photographer who is well established in the industry, this can benefit your brand by ensuring that your name comes up whenever a new opportunity does.

Jesse Barrera performing live at a local concert in San Diego, CA.


Small business collaboration is key for you! Coffee houses and local restaurants should become your best friends. Open mic nights and live music at local restaurants are mutually beneficial, it allows you to perform live and drums up business for the restaurant or coffee shop. We also suggest finding other artists who have a similar style of music and set up a show that features multiple artists, this gives you an opportunity to gain new fans and connect with your own.



Bart Kwan of the YouTube channel JustKiddingFilms telling jokes at a local concert in San Diego, CA.

Being funny in front of a computer is one thing, but live stand up is a whole other animal. We say be brave and go for it! Use performing live as tool to hone your skills in front of a live audience and connect with those fans who already love you by inviting them out to support you.Try getting a spot on a comedy club lineup and keep your eye out for open mic nights at local hang outs. We also suggest participating in writing competitions, which are a great way to get your work out there. By submitting your brilliantly hilarious original content to writing competitions you can share your biting wit with the powers that be who might actually use it! Saturday Night Live is the brain child of comedians who take a chance and share their twisted humor with the world on a weekly basis. If you think you have something good, do not be afraid to share it.


Sharing your talent with the world through social media is a way to gain fans from all over the world, which is something that we know you pretty much have nailed down. We wanted to remind you that your audience is comprised of real people and that taking every opportunity to connect in a real world setting will ensure that your online persona translates seamlessly into the “real world.” We hope that our ideas help you in your quest to connect with a wider audience and merge both new and old techniques of self promotion.