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It may seem obvious, but if you are not using the same handle for every social media site, then it could be hurting the amount of traffic drawn to you. You may be asking yourself, “well, what kind of idiot doesn’t know that already?” I’ll tell you what kind of idiot doesn’t know that; his name is Matt Manarino, that’s me.

Almost every social media site that I belong to is registered under a different user name.  I was not trying to maintain anonymity, I simply just never knew any better. It is an enormous headache trying to build social media notoriety while trying to convince people that you and MC Kangaroo are the same person. If I could turn back the wheels of time and change all this to one consistent handle, I would. Alas, time machines aren’t available to the public yet. The best I can do for now is offer some advice that I wish future me would have given past me after he got those flux capacitors working.


It’s not the end of the world if your name is taken

David So has separate YouTube channels dedicated to music (DavidSoMusic) and comedy (DavidSoComedy.)

If someone is already using your name for a Twitter handle or domain name it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to adopt a pseudonym. Many social media artists use this opportunity to tack on a qualifying trait to the end of their names. YouTube personality David So has two separate YouTube channels with the unique names DavidSoMusic and DavidSoComedy. Both handles let David split his channels into two genres while keeping the consistency of his name.  Don’t forget that you can also use underscores and middle initials to help maintain uniformity among social media networks.


Be Consistent

Joe Penna is MysteryGuitarMan across all social media communities.

Once you have a handle stick with it. If you have a Twitter handle that is different from your YouTube channel’s handle, it will be harder for people to make a connection between your accounts. MysteryGuitarMan’s YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and website are all registered under the name MysteryGuitarMan. By doing this MGM makes searching for him simple. All you have to do is enter a social media site then /MysterGuitarMan and there he is.


Try Something Different

YouTube musician Tay Zonday deliberately picked a stage name in order to make his work more accessible to his audience. In an interview with NewMediaRockstars, Tay Zonday explained that he picked his name because it could be easily spelled and when he did a Google search of “Tay Zonday”, nothing came up. That’s a brilliant strategy simply because he chose a name that didn’t have any competition. By using a handle that is outside of normal conventions, you can pick something that is easy to spell and pronounce. Just remember to stay consistent.

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