Dear New Media Artists, Open Your Heart To Google+!

New Media artists, I feel your pain. You have spent sleepless nights and countless hours cultivating a fan base on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Then all of a sudden Google+ shows up and it’s all anyone can talk about. Google+ is on its way to being a massive success in terms of social media sites, and now you are expected to hop on board or be forgotten.  I also know how easy it would be to just forget about it. You are doing great on Twitter and Facebook, why even bother with Google+?

I recently set up a Google+ for my comic blog and let me assure you it is definitely worth the 15 minutes or so it took to set it up. I could sit here and tell you thousands of different reasons why to start a Google+ account. But that would be wasting time I could be using to tweet about my cats. So I narrowed it down to four. Below are the reasons that you, as a new media artist and creator should give Google+ a chance. Open your heart


1.Google+ lets you easily find your audience

Google+ specific discussion areas

Because my blog is centered on comic books and graphic novels I want to reach out to an audience who will respond to that material. Google+ lets artists and creators post to an audience that will specifically like whatever it is you are creating. Unlike Facebook, Google+ allows for specific “discussion” search options that will customize your live stream to only that topic.


2.Google+ profiles have plenty of room for linking

Google+ lets you list all of your other social media sites

New and old fans alike are going to want to connect with you as an artist on every platform they can. Google+ makes displaying your additional websites and accounts easy with separate sections for back linking. When someone looks at your profile on Google+ they will have instant access to your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr and any other social media sites you belong to.


3.Google+ is all about organization

Circles can be edited and tailored to your specific audience

As a new media artist and creator you may want to keep some aspects for your life private. Google+ has a system of “circles” that you can label with any title you want. If you have a “friends and family” circle, Google+ gives you the option to only share posts with them while keeping it away from your “fans” circle.


4.Google+ has hangouts

President Obama at a Google+ "hangout"

Possibly the most interesting feature of Google+ is the ability to start a “hangout.” A hangout lets you video chat with up to 10 people in any given circle. Hangout supports full video and audio capabilities as well as an option to watch YouTube videos with your hangout. YouTube artists in particular can benefit from this function, especially because they can set up a hangout with fans and watch some of their videos on YouTube. Google+ hangout can be a great way to get feedback and suggestions from fans directly. YouTube creators can also get together on hangout to discuss possible collaborations and video ideas.

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