Don’t Worry About Being Different In Social Media

So you want to be the next new media artist with one million plus views on YouTube, right? Your songs and video production seem to stand out from the myriad of other people attempting to perform a cover of the latest Adele single yet your original performances are not getting love. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. In fact, it’s probably good to embrace different ideas from social media in addition to your original content and here’s four reasons why:


You’re Probably Not The Only One

Since the Internet and social media provide millions of ideas at your fingertips, the idea that you had for the comedy skit might have already been done or that advice vlog might cover the same topics as many other similar vlogs. Just because someone thought of the idea before you did doesn’t mean that your take on the same subject will be the same.



 Be Part of the Conversation

If you’re struggling with coming up with original content, just remember it’s OK to tailor your talents to what everyone else is talking about. In fact, it’s like being part of the conversation. When NMR interviewed YouTube sensation Kingsley in December, he tells new media artists to not “be afraid to talk about what everyone else is talking about…be generic for a moment before you be unique.”


Maximum Exposure

In the debate between cover songs and original songs, not only is that cover going to expose your talents to the world, it will most certainly help your organic search rankings on YouTube—especially if it’s a song that everyone is talking about at the moment. The people here at NMR can’t quite guarantee that if you post that cover of “Super Bass” that you’ll be invited to perform on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in the next couple of weeks, but more views for your YouTube page is more certain!


It’s Talent That Matters

What matters more in this age of social media and page views is how you deliver your talent. Good ideas will come eventually once you’ve got a footing on your YouTube site or your blog, but focus on what you have to offer at the moment and your strengths. People will recognize talent and appreciate your work even if it’s not an original idea because you will bring your own style to that song or topic.

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