Facebook Fanpage Timelines are here!

Regardless of your personal opinions on the recent Facebook Timeline changes, the Timeline layout is here to stay!  Facebook has officially announced that on Friday, March 30, all Facebook Pages will get a new design.

Of course, like the initial switch with our personal pages, early adopters may choose to switch over and publicly preview the new design. Here are a few changes we caught on to this morning:

1. Cover Photo


Right off the bat, the first major change on the fanpages is the the huge and now familiar chunk of image real estate. Hello, Cover Photo!  As mentioned in previous posts regarding the Facebook timeline, this is a great space to showcase and express the identity of your brand. For your convenience, our designers have provided a FREE Facebook Cover Photo template: [tweegi-button name=”FBTimeline”] (^ Tweet to Unlock Download Link For Cover Photo Template)

2. Admin Panel

The Facebook fan pages timeline now offers an Admin Panel at the top of your page. Anyone who has administrative access will be able to see nicely laid out statistics on new notifications, messages, likes and visitor statistics (Facebook insights). One cool thing they now also offer is a “Page Tips” section, where you can receive daily advice on using your fan page to its highest potential.

3. Message

The second new feature we noticed right below the cover photo is a new way for your fans to directly communicate with you. A “new message” button appears in the lower right corner.

4. Highlights and Pin To Top

To “highlight a post” means giving more visual space to the post on the timeline. By highlighting a post, it will literally stretch across the width of the entire timeline.


“Pin to Top” offers a similar feature to Highlight in that it provides another way to make sure that the posts you want your fans to notice first will get the attention it deserves by sticking the pinned post to the top of the timeline. Posts that have been marked to be at the top of the timeline are given an orange ribbon in the post’s upper right hand corner.

Although it’s nice to have the option to give priority to whichever posts we want, a slight draw back we noticed is that if you pinned a post to the top of the timeline, it will always appear in its smaller scale size. This is even if you’ve highlighted the post as well. Highlighted posts are currently now able to take priority at the apex of the timeline.

5. Timeline

Ever wonder what your brands were doing in the past? Finally you can easily scroll back in time and see what they posted and shared.


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