Facebook Subscribe Versus Fan Pages

If you as a new media artist have been debating whether to set up a fan page or limit your Facebook friends by going to the subscriber route, you have a big decision to make. The subscribe option doesn’t add any more effort as opposed to having a fan page, but, like many features on Facebook, there’s always a catch. Here are some points to consider between a fan page and opening your personal page to subscribers.


Intimacy With Fanbase

Like fan pages, allowing subscribers doesn’t require friends to ask for approval for following. Subscribers of your profile get the intimate feeling of knowing more about you and/or your brand. Your fans will know more about your personal thoughts and other background information relating to your brand.





Sharing What’s Necessary

Opening your personal Facebook page to subscribers let’s people know what’s going on with you without having them to be your friend per se. You have the power to select which updates are for your fans and whether you will allow comments and/or likes. But who gets to share the information about your brand when you allow subscribers? Only you have that power to share. When you need more than one person to share information, that’s when you need a fan page to have multiple administrators.



Knowing The Details

When you open up your page to comments, the only statistics you’ll get is how many subscribers and friends you have. That’s it. Unlike the subscribe function, fan pages provide a host of analytics to help you understand how many people visited the site in the past week, how many people your posts have reached and how many new likes you’ve received. The subscribe function, while it allows ease in updating and letting people follow your personal page, doesn’t have the same analytical functions as fan pages.


Customizing Your Page

The subscribe function is an app-free zone, meaning you don’t have the luxury to have a landing page or other fun, fascinating apps. On the flip side, if you really fancy the timeline, then work your profile page to your advantage. Nevertheless, if you’re not in the mood to entice hordes of fans to your page and just want to keep it simple, then just stick with allowing subscribers.

To sum it up, if you’re obsessed with numbers and allowing more than one person to communicate with your fans, then the fan page is right for you. However, if you want to give your fans the intimate feel that they know what you’re all about, then initiate the subscribe function!