Free iPhone Stop-Motion Apps

Stop MotionStop MotionThis weekend Mashable made a list of three free stop motion apps for your iPhone. These days it’s getting easier and easier to create your own little masterpiece with just a smartphone and an idea in your head. However, does free and easy always mean good? The staff of New Media Rockstars downloaded one of the apps and took it for a test drive. These are the results we found.


Stop-Motion Camera


While this app was easy to use, it does have some downsides to it.

The main issue being this: you cannot edit your videos. It’s simply point, shoot and that’s it. There is no way to slow-down your video or speed it up–at least not that we could find.

We also found that it’s rather hard to push the buttons to start/stop the recording and add screens, making it slightly frustrating to use the application at times.

Overall, we had fun making our own stop motion video and for a free application it is worth downloading and playing around with. Just be aware you’re probably not going to make the next big things with this application.


Frame x Frame


Frame x Frame was also easy to use and had good customization tools at it’s disposal.

Unlike Stop-Motion camera, you do have more options with Frame x Frame, such as controling the the frame by frame options. You have the option of controlling the frames ranging from  .5 frames per second at the lowest up to 20 frames per second at the highest.

Also, unlike Stop-Motion camera, the buttons on this app were ease to use and also gave you options to select from such as a self timer and anti-shake features.

Overall, the application was easy to navigate and easy to use. If you want a quick and easy way to make a stop-motion video to impress friends and family with, this app would be ideal for you.


Stop Motion Cafe

The last application is Stop Motion Cafe which allows the user to save projects and return to them. Certainly this is a plus in our book as it was a feature the other two applications did not have. You also have the option of changing the frame by frame speed after the video has been shot to see what suits your needs best.  Navigation of this application was easy to use. After you are done framing your shot, a simple press of the play button will create your video for you.

However, we found that we liked Frame x Frame the best simply because it gave us more options to work with. It’s definitely worth giving them all a try to see what works for you. Comment bellow and tell us which one of these three apps you like the best and why!

Check out the stop-motion video the NewMediaRockstars team made!