How To Market Your Brand Like Lil B

Lately, I’ve been listening to Lil B aka the Based God and I have to say, he’s one fascinating rapper. Not that he’s very talented, but the guy will come up with a video at least once a week and will rap about anything from how he looks like someone (paging Ellen DeGeneres) to how many ladies he can score. If his raps are too surreal for your liking, new media artists should definitely take note of one thing Lil B is really good at—amassing a huge following on the social media network. If you’re a fan of his work, you’re aware by now that he’s always tweeting something or updating his Facebook page with photos and videos.

What does this mean for new media artists? Engaging and keeping your fans updated with what you do is essential for brand awareness. But how do you keep your fans wanting more? Look to Lil B’s tactics for some inspiration.

Create a Sense of Urgency

When you have something posted up on YouTube, don’t just inform your fans about it on your page, make them want to look at your stuff. Lil B does this by making sure all his fans watch his video, using terms like “WOW,” “RARE” or “HISTORICAL” to create some sense of urgency to his new video. Did I also mention the rapper tweets nonstop whenever he debuts a new video? Depending on the song and intensity, a Lil B video usually garners page views in the five figures, sometimes even six or seven figures.

Meme It Up

The Based God is also known for being the subject of memes and it seems from his Facebook page that he encourages it from his fans as they like posting up quotes from his songs or photoshopped images of himself on random people. The most common meme that the rapper is known for is “Thank You Based God,” which involves a photo of a person crying or shedding a tear with the said words. Encouraging your fans to come up with generating memes or tolerating such ideas will add more to your reputation in the social media world.

Update Early and Often

If you want to hold your fans’ interest, make sure you brand is always part of the conversation, especially between projects. By updating your status regularly and engaging your community of followers on a regular basis, you are ensuring that your brand won’t be fading away anytime soon. Lil B is a prolific tweeter—as of press time has made 77,811 tweets and has amassed 392,016 followers—and doesn’t shy away from sending tweets supporting his fans to talking about what really grinds his gears in between videos and mixtapes.

Keep Your Fans Guessing

When Lil B plans to release a mixtape, he hypes up the release by alluding to it on his Facebook and Twitter pages or releasing a video to gain more fan interest. He is unpredictable in a sense that the mixtape is released when fans least expect it, sometimes within a week of the initial Twitter storm or even longer. By keeping your fans guessing what will happen next, they will be encouraged to check your page to find out more about your latest project.

Acknowledge Your Fanbase

The most important thing you can do to keep your loyal following is to always acknowledge your fans—the people who made you famous (or will make you famous). Often, he would tweet that he loves his fans  Instead of always tweeting about himself, Lil B would often retweet fan responses to him (this goes well especially if you’re a lady fan) ranging from the ubiquitous “THANK YOU BASED GOD” to “I love you Lil B <3.” Should you choose to retweet your fans responses or mentions of your band, it shows how much you appreciate your fans and adds more to the conversation.

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