Know Your Role: You Can be a Social Media Champion

Can you smell what the Rock is cooking!? Yup, that’s the odiferous “Journey 2: The Mysterious Island” – now playing at a theater near you. Considering that I couldn’t get enough of the enthralling first installment, “Journey to the Center of the Earth”, it’s a given that this jabroni will be running, and not walking, to the local moving pictures player to view Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s latest masterpiece. But hey, did you know he’s just as much an irresistible draw on Facebook and Twitter?



Besides his virtuosic work as a thespian, the Rock has been many things most people can only aspire to become – a college football star, a New York Times best-selling author, a 6’5, 275-pound Samoan man that can bench-press Adele, and now a social media magnate. That’s right – ADELE. All kidding aside, within less than a year of joining Twitter, and Facebook a few months before that, the Rock has amassed over 5 million Facebook likes and just about 2 million Twitter followers. A testament to his social media prowess is his recent  “Must-Follow Actor or Actress on Social Media” win in Mashable’s annual reader awards.

According to the Rock, his success in social media is a combination of him being “authentic” on Twitter and his use of social media as a “platform for three things – motivation, encouragement and entertainment.” But what are some of the other moves he puts on fans that make him the people’s champ of social media?

He makes his fans on Facebook and Twitter feel personally engaged.

He replies to fan comments and questions on his Facebook wall, and takes time out of his day to answer questions from followers on Twitter during designated “Rock Talk” live Twitter chats. What he puts out on Facebook and Twitter always seem to be in his own voice rather than a publicist’s or team member’s, and his social media content can be personal, entertaining and motivating. This is all crucial to his popularity on social media.

His Facebook and Twitter are meaningfully connected.

His Facebook page has a live Twitter feed that broadcasts any Tweets that use the hashtag “#teambringit.” Announcements of his “Rock Talk” chats going live are posted on his Facebook wall. If you join one, you’ll wanna join the other. The Rock’s social media accounts build upon each other.


He makes fans feel like they’re part of a community – his community.

The first thing that greets you when you visit the Rock’s Facebook page is a pledge that’s splayed out in bold font and all-caps – “AS A PROUD MEMBER OF TEAM BRING IT I PLEDGE TO STAND FEARLESS IN THE FACE OF ADVERSITY AND BRING IT EVERYDAY.” DAMN, ROCK, YOU’VE INSPIRED ME TO REALLY BRING IT TO THE YAHTZEE TOURNAMENT TOMORROW – IMA YAHTZEE THEM MOFOS DEAD. The Rock doesn’t take guff from anyone, and neither do his fans. There’s a sense of community among his fans – they know and repeat all his trademark catch phrases, they participate in “Rock Talk” and they’re a part of #teambringit. The Rock has branded himself well.

Did you ever think you’d learn something from the Rock? Well, now you have with the help of me and my team, #teambringingitkindahard. Go forth and conquer social media, my friends.