Learn to Cook on YouTube!

Recently, I was asked whether I could cook. Psh. Of course I can cook! Just the other day I cooked a frozen pizza for lunch, and then hand prepared a delicious microwave dinner later that night. And believe it or not, the only tools I used for that day’s feasts were a microwave and an oven. I’m a veritable chef’s chef.
So can you cook? If Van can cook, so can you! But if you just so happen to be completely hopeless in the kitchen, then you’re not alone. There’s Rachel Ray. I’m kidding. Rachel Ray is actually a very skilled and polished chipmunk. Oh, I meant “cook”. Anyway, whether you can or can’t tell the difference between soup and salad doesn’t matter because there are YouTube cooks that will up your culinary game no matter your skill level.



Wherein an Asian woman cooks Japanese food with dog. No, no, no, you’ve got it all wrong. The dog is the host. The dog’s name is Francis. The woman cooks next to the dog, while the dog narrates. I swear I’m not making this up. If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to make Japanese food from a poodle, then Cookingwithdog is the go-to channel, as the over 36 million views view count can attest to. It’s all sort of reminiscent of the game “Cooking Mama,” except that the food made in Cookingwithdog’s videos probably has dog hair in it.



Although Clara, the 96 year old cooking star of Great Depression Cooking, called it quits in December with the immortal words “This is my last show. I’m pretty damn old,” her YouTube channel lives on. Her channel has over 4 million views and counting. Clara will regale you with lively stories of her experience in the Great Depression while she teaches you how to cook the tasty foods of that time, like bread and tomato sauce. Now don’t you go spoiling us with all that fanciful food, Clara!



The good ol’ pit boys of Barbecueweb wrangle some steer, kill it, chop it up, and eat it. Actually, they just teach you how to cook barbecue. Their deep Southern twangs suggest that they know what they’re doing, as do the over 23 million views their channel has amassed. Barbecueweb is all about meat, and lots of it, so if your idea of great food include dishes that sound like “baby back ribs in pineapple whiskey,” “beef kabobs with beer and chili marinade” or “hell burger bacon cheeseburger” then fire up your grill and watch Barbecueweb. Just remember that you’re responsible for making Bambi cry.



If meat ain’t your thing, then try Manjulaskitchen’s YouTube channel, which has over 36 million views. Manjula always greets you with “namaste” before politely delving into her Indian vegetarian recipes. She looks like the Indian mom I would want if I were Indian, and her food looks like the food I’d want to eat if I weren’t a hopeless flesh-loving carnivore.

And so now that you know some of the most popular and quirky YouTube cooking channels around, what are you waiting for? Go cook me something.

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