MySpace Better Than Pandora and Spotify?

Much like a staggering, hollow eyed zombie, MySpace seems to be rising from the dead. However, the once popular social media site doesn’t have its sights on delicious human brains, it’s actually after the music industry. According to an announcement made on Monday by MySpace officials, the site has an average of 40,000 new users daily. We all know social media executives are prone to exaggeration when it comes to unique visitor numbers. However, there is a definite rise in user activity on the site, which may be attributed to the new MySpace Music Player.

Since the release of the MySpace Music Player, MySpace has become a serious contender in the realm of free streaming music with a 42 million-song database. It seems MySpace investors have realized that they can’t beat Facebook or Google+ for social media supremacy. The switch to music is a brilliant strategy to rebrand the dying star that was MySpace.

I sat down for a few hours with the new MySpace music player and I can honestly say I am impressed. I wanted to be snarky about the partially Justin Timberlake owned music player, but unfortunately I can’t. The music player has a great selection of music from both mainstream and indie artists without the horrendous talking ads featured in Pandora or the price tag of Spotify. I tried the music player out on a few different genres of music ranging from hip-hop to indie and most of the suggested songs were things I was genuinely interested in.

The Myspace Music Player is a great alternative to already existing streaming music sites and with the added social media element; it will definitely be a hub for music junkies. If you are a social media music artist the new music driven MySpace is going to be an invaluable tool to getting your work heard. When I searched Lana Del Rey (don’t judge me) the search options gave me actual titles from the artist as well as multiple user submitted covers. Admittedly, most of the covers were terrible, however if I did hear something I liked, similar works were just a few clicks away. As a new media creative, every form of social media is fundamental to driving traffic to your work. It looks like MySpace might just make its way back into all of our social networks soon.

Source: Mashable

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