New Media and Color Theory

I have hated websites without even browsing through them. It happens faster than I realize. First I follow a series of links then suddenly I am looking at a bright pink monstrosity of a website that leaves me grinding my teeth. I do not purposely go out of my way to find poorly designed websites. Actually, sometimes the websites I abhor have great design. Just terrible color choices.

The color scheme that you choose for various social media sites subconsciously says everything about you and your business. Whether it is your website or Twitter homepage, the kind of energy that you exemplify needs to be portrayed through your color choices. People have a psychological response to color that stems from a collective consciousness as well as personal experiences. The mood that you want to pass along to your sites visitors ties in very closely with the primary colors you display. Below are 5 sites that use color theory for more than just great design, they use it as a mission statement.


La Moulade and Yellow

La Moulade is a creative design studio specializing in the combination of design and technology. As a design studio, La Moulade creates dynamic and attention grabbing design for brands. The yellow tones of their website instantly play into the attention grabbing properties of the color yellow. Yellow is universally known as both an eye-catching color and one that represents brighter dispositions. Subconsciously the website is reminding vistors that La Moulade is a dynamic and even-tempered studio to work with.


Guns N’ Roses and Red

Red is widely considered as the embodiment of passions, intensity, and emotion. Sounds like every song Guns N’ Roses has ever written. Red can also represent extreme feelings of aggression and rage. The amounts of red that are in Guns N’ Roses site are not overwhelming as to make people mad. Instead red flecks and banners grace the site reminding visitors of the intensity that this band performs with. The majority of the website is also a stark black, which in combination with red portrays a small fire of emotion in a sea of darkness.


Good Fortune and Blue

Blue is synonymous with peace and tranquility as well as sorrow and longing. The choice to use blue in such a vibrant way at the Good Fortune film website invokes a double meaning. The documentary film is about the detriment that global efforts to stop poverty in Africa may be having on local communities. The multimillion-dollar investments to Africa are seen as a blessing but often cause the opposite result for local farmers and merchants. The color blue plays into this theme by showing the harmonious effects this money should have as well as the sorrowful elements it actually brings.


HBO Go and Black

Black is often regarded as the color of evil or menace, however black is also seen as a color that represents elegance and class. They aren’t called blue tie events for a reason. HBO has always been seen as one the more refined cable channels on television.  They carry this elegance with a simple all black website that is sophisticated in its tradition, much like HBO.


Lake Nona and Green

Lake Nona is a community built on an ideal of sustainability, harmony, and nature. Green has always been seen as the representative color of nature as well as tranquility. The Lake Nona website immediately introduces viewers to a concept of an eco friendly and safe community with the amounts of green in their web design. Green is also seen as a stress reliever, which portrays the attitude that Lake Nona wishes to cultivate.



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