5 Exercises You Can Do Near Your Desk

After interviewing several new media artists, one thing we kept hearing was that the gym is  something they really need and the last thing they seem to have time for.

Independent artists are basically small business owners who have to do it all. Choosing to go the independent route makes you head of PR and production, which leaves little time to be your own personal trainer.

Since you do not have a personal assistant clearing your schedule to make time for regular gym visits, here are 5 simple work outs that can help you shed your sedentary lifestyle without ever leaving your home or office:

5 Exercises to do in your office

1. Jumping Jacks – We know it may take you back to elementary school P.E. but believe it or not, good old fashioned jumping jacks can give you the added energy and the cardiovascular work out you need during a day spent sitting at your desk. Try doing ten sets of 60 seconds bursts. Find this too high impact? Try running or jogging in place for the same amount of time and repetitions.




2. Push-ups – Next time you come down with a serious case of writers block or just need a break,  instead of heading to the fridge get on the floor and do something good for yourself!  We say try a push-up and sit-up rotation. Do five push-ups, roll onto your back and do five sit-ups. Do four sets, which will help tone your upper body and abs simultaneously.




3. Walking lunges or traditional lunges target your lower body. –  If you are feeling ambitious, find a hallway to do walking lunges. If not, simply position yourself with one foot in front of the other about shoulder width apart and lower your body down above your forward knee. Switch legs, and do 10 on each side.




4. Tricep dips – These are a great way to tone your arms.Position your chair with the back rest to the wall. Sit in chair, place hands on chair. Your palms should be down with your fingers facing away from the wall. Raise your body off the chair then lower in front of the chair bending the elbows. Use your triceps to lower the body on and off the chair. Place feet  firmly on the floor. Do 15 repetitions.
5. Wall squats – These are a great lower body work out that get you out of your chair and moving. Stand with your back against a wall with your legs planted a little more than hip-width a part out in front of you. Pull abs in and drop your body down in a squat and bring it back up, while keeping your back against the wall. Do 15 reps.





There is no doubt making it to the gym can be a challenge for anyone, but do not neglect your health in order to pursue your career. You can do both! For more great exercises to do from home or office, visit the Sparkpeople.com at http://www.youtube.com/user/sparkpeople or WebMd  p://www.webmd.com/fitness-exercise/features/exercise-at-your-desk.



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