The 3 Best Places to Work as a Struggling New Media Creator

As a new media artist you work hard to bring valuable and meaningful expressions of your art to a wide audience. Between updating your social media accounts and pouring countless hours into improving your talent, the road to making it big in the world of social media can become a full-time job.

Like any start-up business, the time you put into creating and promoting your product can often take a long time before your patience and hard work can pay-off. So what happens when your full-time job does not pay the rent or provide necessary benefits?

What you need is a job that provides you with the freedom and availability to continue to develop your brand, while providing benefits and a consistent income.

Here is a list of the top three jobs that offer extensive benefits to part-time employees:


1. Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. teller position

Wells Fargo offers a wide range of benefits to part-time employees. A part-time teller is eligible for a medical benefit plan, which includes dental and vision, paid-time off(PTO), 401k options and flexible hours. Wells Fargo provides extensive training for each position. Tellers are eligible to receive compensation for reaching sales goals, in addition to an hourly wage.

For more information on job opportunities and benefits that Wells Fargo offers visit:

2. Starbucks Coffee Company, Inc. barista

Starbucks offers great benefits and flexible hours to part-time employees. On the job training is provided to educate employees on how to prepare drinks that meet high quality standards. Since most Starbucks open in the early morning (around 5 am) and close in the late evening (between 9 or 10 pm) employees are offered a wide range of possible schedules to choose from. In addition, Starbucks offers great benefit options for part-time employees, such as health care including vision and dental, as well as paid- time off (PTO)

For more information on job opportunities and benefits offered by Starbucks, Inc. visit:


3. Nordstrom, Inc. sales associate

Nordstrom, Inc. has constructed a unique business model that empowers all employees to treat the department they work in as their own “small business”. Employees work on commission which allows them to set and beat their persona sales goals. Even part-time employees can receive the benefits of working for a large corporation, while having relative autonomy over their personal income. Nordstrom offers 401K options, health care benefits and flexible hours to part-time employees.

For more information on job opportunities and benefits offered by Nordstrom, Inc. visit them online at:


So go ahead, pour all you have into your craft and rely on one of these three companies to offer you part-time employment that offers extensive benefits and a consistent income to help support you while you chase your dreams.

Do you know any other job positions good for New Media Artists? Leave a comment below!

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