Prepare Yourself for the Facebook Timeline Launch!

Just five months ago, Facebook introduced to the world the timeline—you know, that feature on profiles with the cover photo and a chronological list of posts, photos and other significant events in your life that looks like a virtual scrapbook. Very soon, all 845 million users will convert to the timeline scheme and you’ll get to peruse all your friends’ histories.

But wait—there’s more to the timeline change. Not only will all Facebook individual users will switch, eventually, stars like Jeremy Lin and other brands will be on the bandwagon. Fan pages will also transition to the timeline dictated by the Facebook honchos in Palo Alto. That means that if such a proposal is similar to the ones individual users enjoy, you’ll start to see a more dates-oriented layout for bands and brands—meaning that more mainstream artists like Snoop Dogg, for instance, can start his timeline as early as the early ‘90s or fans of up-and-coming social media stars can finally find out their origins.

According to AdAge magazine, Facebook will likely discuss the proposed launch of timeline for brands at a marketing conference at the end of the month. What does this mean for new media artists? In addition to opening (or giving the option) a brand’s history just like individuals, the magazine speculated major changes for such pages. For instance, the article said that one of the changes include that “the tabs and apps marketers currently host on their Facebook pages…may turn into boxes on the brand’s Timeline.” Although some items could be lost under the new layout, the timeline is something to embrace and here’s how you can use it to your brand’s advantage:

Prepare For Launch

While the rollout of timeline for brands and bands is still unclear, it doesn’t mean that companies and new media artists don’t have time to prepare for launch day. Whether you’ve been in the game long enough or you’re a newbie, start thinking of important dates to remember and try to get rid of any post that you feel may not show your company in the best light. The timeline is a tool for new media artists to show the most pertinent information about their brand and you should definitely take these highlights to your advantage.

A Good Cover Photo Will Do You Good

When Facebook does roll out its timeline for pages, the first thing users will see on your page is that big cover photo. Make sure it’s a creative reflection of what you do and how you interact with your fans. We tackled the issue of cover photos in a recent blog post here.

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