Quality vs. Quantity, a Social Media Mystery

Creating content is much like being a superhero. Quite literally Superman could bust hundreds if not thousands of jaywalkers and shoplifters a day. Luckily for the citizens of Metropolis, Superman aims much higher than petty theft and traffic violators. The Man of Steel knows that his real talent exists in the quality of his heroic acts not their frequency. It took Superman and the Justice League around 32 issues to handle that whole Doomsday problem. Just imagine how many cars were stolen in that time, but that doesn’t matter. In this humble writers opinion stopping one rampaging monster from smashing the world’s collective face nullifies all the auto theft in the world.

As social media artists and creators the temptation to constantly put out content is great. It seems simple enough; if you flood the market with your product then people will obviously start noticing you. However just because social media gives you the ability to post whenever you want does not necessarily mean you should.

Remember that you are your art

Ray William Johnson pushes new videos twice a week.

As a new media writer or artist you are only as good as your art. If you begin to sacrifice your art for rapid exposure, then you will absolutely lose your audience. The amount of work you release does not correspond to the amount of fans you have. Of course, if you rapidly put out tons of your work people will notice, but that initial surge of followers won’t last.






Make a schedule to post content

MysteryGuitarMan schedules new content every Tuesday.

Being a social media creative is different than being a novelist or director. You cannot put out work once a year and expect that people will remember you when you post again. The social media arts culture is rapidly moving, so a certain level of consistency is also expected. Your YouTube video or blog post could be the best anyone has ever seen but if you don’t continue to post after that, chances are you will be eventually forgotten.

So is it quality or quantity?

There is no exact science to figuring out how often you should post versus what it is you are actually posting. The bottom line is to focus on your art first. If you are confident that your work is the best it can be, only then should you be ready to post.