Seniors of YouTube

YouTube isn’t just for the young anymore. YouTube has proven that anybody, even the elderly can have a prominent presence in the online community. The following seniors are living proof that you are only as old as you feel and are taking a piece of YouTube for themselves!



A truly educated and eloquent man, Pat Condell hails from the UK and makes YouTube videos and is a well-known atheist. His videos are serious and informative, leaving the viewer to make decisions for themselves. He has over 100,000+ subscribers.



Despite the fact that Edward Muscare recently passed away in January, he captured the hearts of his 22,000+ followers when he went viral singing the hit “Pretty Woman.” Unfortunately, Muscare was a convicted sex offender and was in violation of his probation by posting these videos to the Internet. His YouTube channel still remains and continues to receive countless views.



The Angry Grandpa is just that. A grandpa who is angry at everything—and we do mean everything. This senior has a rant for everything you can imagine ranging from Justin Bieber to SOPA. His delightfully cankerous attitude and habit of foul language has earned him 80,000+ subscribers and 127,000,000+ video views.



ReelGeezers  is a movie review show by Lorezno Semple Jr. and Marcia Nasatir. The duo (according to their YouTube page), have a combined total of over 80 years in the film industry. Their unique take on today’s movies  are interesting to hear, especially since they have had experience in the industry.  Sadly, the couple has not made a video since February 2009, but their 4,000+ subscribers hope for a comeback soon.



Carla is 96 years old and has just recently put an end to her YouTube career.  Starting her YouTube career at 91, Cara provided YouTubers with stories growing up during the depression as well as simple, easy to follow recipes from the Depression Era. Cara has touched the hearts of her 36,000+ video views and 4,000,000+ video views.


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