Shoot Your Way Into Social Media Success

As far as social media is concerned, Instagram is the new kid on the block. However, since Instagram launched from the Apple App Store in 2010, its fan base has soared to over 15 million users in two short years.  Even though Instagram doesn’t have the advanced sharing features of Facebook or Twitter, it still allows for a new level of promotion for new media artists.

Stop letting Facebook and Pinterest push around the new kid with these tips on how to promote your work through Instagram as a new media creative.

David Choi snaps photo of himself at the WF office.

Use Instagram to Show Behind the Scenes Photos

As a new media creative it’s important to completely immerse yourself with your audience. Most major social media sites like Facebook and YouTube will be full of the actual work you would like to showcase. You don’t want to confuse your audience with additional footage on your primary sites. Instagram is the perfect outlet for that extra material. People don’t buy special edition Blu-ray’s because they like paying ridiculous costs for movies; they buy it for the special features. That added level of content and connection could make all the difference in the world to some fans.


Show Fans Your Casual Work

12fv's Instagram stream

When it comes to social media, not every piece you post needs to be polished and edited to perfection. By posting photos of works in progress or just things you like on Instagram, you can increase the personal connection with your fans and followers.  Posting photos of your progress on a new piece of art will only build hype around whatever project you are working on.

Connect With People Who Like Your Style

With the Instagram hashtag feature, artists can easily connect with other Instagram users who share similar tastes. If you come across a hashtag that is relevant to the kind of work you produce, then you can probably assume that whomever made the hashtag will be interested in your art. Instagram takes the guesswork out of finding the demographic that will like your work.

jonathanr_mason's shot during a photo shoot.

Use Instagram as an Additional Venue

As a visual artist you can use Instagram to post pictures of completed work that you had previously posted on your other sites. Chances are that there will be people following you solely on Instagram; use this chance to promote your work while also linking it back to your additional social media platforms. More eyes on your work means more exposure on every front.

Link Every Account Together

In the past I have stressed the importance of consistent branding, and this is why. Instagram offers users the ability to use @ handles and hashtags to connect with Twitter and other social media sites. As a new media artist it is naturally important to introduce your fans to every social media outlet that you post from.

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