Take Advantage of The New Google Policies

If you are like me you received about 150 emails from Google informing you of their approaching privacy policy changes. Since Google broadcast their wildly vague press release people have been struggling to understand just what this updated policy will mean for them. After several congressional letters the search engine giant published a legitimate explanation of what the new policy means for its users.

Since the policy will alter all of Google’s products, YouTube users have the potential to be drastically affected.  Google will now be tailoring each of their members experiences individually. If your web based rap persona is MC Kangaroo, someone who writes emails about kangaroos and searches for kangaroo pictures won’t be able to find your work on YouTube as easily. It will be less likely that this kangaroo crazed maniac will stumble upon your channel due to the fact that Google will automatically recommend hundreds of non hip hop kangaroo videos to them instead.

It is more important than ever as a YouTube creator to share your content on every social media platform. You want your name to come up in search results, the more you can get you and your product out there the better. Do interviews with websites and get your friends to promote your stuff, anything to make people recognize your name or brand. By having a ton of content available for the public to check out you can guarantee that you will show up in more search results around the Web.

This policy also comes with a hidden bonus for those active in new media. The more that people are searching for your name the more you will begin to appear in their Google searches and YouTube channels. Use this opportunity to let Google promote you for free across all their products.