The 7 Deadly Sins Of The Facebook App

Facebook announced recently that it is finding ways to revamp its mobile presence, which could rake in more money since smartphones are where they can grow. While they figure out how to monetize their mobile users, we can all hope as new media artists that it would mean a much improved Facebook app on our iPhones or Androids because, frankly, we’re not pleased with a lot of things that their app provides. Here’s the 7 deadly sins of the Facebook app:

1. Can’t share updates or photos by friends

That’s an interesting article and I really want to share it. Oh, wait, I can’t seem to find the share button!

2. Delayed mobile requests

Try adding a friend you just met on your Facebook app and wonder if it ever got to him at all.


3. Searching sucks

How come there’s no way to find more people or fan pages by using the app? Is it too much to handle?

4. Hard to refresh updates on your profile page

Apparently the app has trouble updating automatically so we keep getting wall posts from several hours ago.

5. Hard to know about updates on your fan page

You see that number you see on your fan page tab? What is it? Did someone comment on your post or did you get a new like?

6. Needs work on browsing links

Must the app always crash when you use the Facebook browser?

7. Can’t make changes to your fan page via app

Found a boo-boo on your fan page profile? Guess you’ll have to use the computer for that.