The Importance of Tracking Your Social Media

If you are serious about building a brand through social media, then tracking your social media performance is a must. Knowing what markets your content is thriving in will allow you to create focused content to reach a maximum number of viewers.

Understanding the impact your site or channel has on other websites is more than just clicks or shares. Having a deep understanding of what audiences like can help you recognize your strengths in new media.

The problems that most aspiring new media artist have when tracking statistics are cost and difficulty. Applications like Google analytics involve some code installation, which can be hard to wrap your head around. While businesses that offer social media tracking services can be expensive for new artists.

Here are a few plugins and applications that are free and user friendly. Each one will help you track your social media impact across various social platforms.


Twitter Counter

The free version of Twitter Counter displays your statistics clearly with no pointless information. With Twitter Counter you can easily study how followers and fans responded to your Twitter feed.

In the past I have used Twitter Counter to check how my audience responded to what I sent out on any given day. I can track the days that I was re-tweeted the most or a day that I added 100 new followers. Then date back to see what I did to grab my audiences attention.


Social Metrics for WordPress

Social Metrics lets you see what posts have been shared the most on different new media sites. The plugin tracks Twitter, Facebook, Google+, StumbleUpon, Digg, and LinkedIn then displays shares and re-blogs.

I’ve used Social Metrics for my WordPress blog and noticed that some posts go viral while some are only shared once or twice. With this information I can narrow the subjects I write about to what my audience responds to.


YouTube Analytics

YouTube recently scrapped their old stat tracking system called insight in place of YouTube analytics. Analytics builds off the information that was provided from insight but has a few more updates.

The built in system allows you to track your channels performance on a video-by-video basis and also gives you a detailed demographic reading.

Analytics now also features a data filter that allows you to generate stat reports based on content, geography, and date range.

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