What Batman Can Teach You About Social Media

A photo of me trying to play basketball

Growing up, the only thing I wanted more than to be a writer was to strap on a utility belt, throw a cape around my shoulders and strike fear in the hearts of villains as Batman. I obviously chose the former career path due to the fact that I possess a special lack of coordination only known to professional writers and Godzilla when he’s drunk. Even though I can chalk up my dream of cracking skulls as the caped crusader to the fantasies of an over weight 10 -17 year old, I still carry some timeless lessons from the Batman with me.

A successful career in social media comes down to several factors that will define not only you, but also the brand that you wish to create. As a social media professional you sometimes have to look to the most unconventional places for inspiration. In this case I ask you to look towards the dark knight.

Become a Symbol

Batman and Mark Zuckerberg: One in the same

Batman and Mark Zuckerberg have a lot more in common than you would think. They are both billionaires, they both invented cutting edge technology, and they both have become a symbol. When you think Mark Zuckerberg you don’t think Harvard dropout and hacker anymore, you think Facebook and piles of money. Batman as well, became a beacon for vigilante justice and a reminder to criminals everywhere that a batarang to the mouth was in their immediate future.

This is the type of attitude that you must adopt for your social media career. It does not matter if you are starting a blog or YouTube channel, you have to decide what you want to be known for and create content based on that.

Think Like Your Audience

In terms of Batman you can replace “audience” with “the people you beat half to death every night” and the same concept will apply. In order to know what your audience will respond to, it is paramount to step outside of your own work and view it as your followers would. Just as Batman often dives into the nightmarish Gotham City, you must also leap into the terrifying void that is the Internet.

Work With People You Trust

Without Robin, Nightwing, and Alfred, Batman would probably just be a billionaire playboy who drove a solid gold Ferrari. Lucky for him that is not the case. Batman knows the importance of working with people he trusts. Make sure you know a persons work ethic and level of commitment before letting them on board your social media project. If you need a video editor for YouTube, they should be reliable and responsible or else your channels success rate may significantly drop.

Set Rules for Yourself and Stick With Them

No matter how bad Batman may want to permanently rid Gotham City of his enemies he won’t because that is his one rule. From the start you must decide what rules and standards your social media projects will follow. If you commit to covering only movies on your blog, then do exactly that and stick with it. The moment you break that rule is the moment that you will lose credibility as a social media professional.


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