Why 2 Facebook Profiles Are Better Than One

It’s a couple days until your big job interview and a good friend of yours just tagged you in that album with last night’s party photos. You look at it and they’re photos you’d rather not want your potential boss to see. In addition, with the timeline rolling out throughout Facebook, you would have to spend a portion of your day filtering the interesting posts from the random rants about your ex-girlfriend. Chances are if you’re a new media artist and you’re worried about an employer or potential client perusing through the netherworld that is your personal life, it’s time to get a second profile or handle in social media networks like Facebook (proceed with caution) and Twitter and here’s four reasons why:

More Control Over Your Posts
By having multiple accounts in the social media world, you can focus your posts to different audiences. Sure, Facebook has more filters, but if you don’t want your boss to find out, let’s say, how you really feel about him, put it on the personal page that only your close friends can see. On Twitter, open a separate account for tweets related to your line of work (e.g. articles, answering related tweets, etc.) and a private one for your inner thoughts.


A Positive, Professional Look
First impressions always last, they say. In the event your employer/client needs your Facebook page or Twitter account (especially if your job involves social media contact), having that professional page/handle for all to see (with nice photos and fascinating posts) could put you in good fortunes.



Separating Your Clients From Your Close Friends
What you want your clients/employers to see may be different from what you want your buddies to see. If you went to a party last Friday night that was so good you don’t want to tell your boss about it, tell your friends who have photos posted of that event to tag it or mention it on your personal profile. Consequently, if you have an event that your work buddies/clients/fans may be interested in but not your personal friends, that’s when you need the professional profile.

Peace of Mind
Having multiple profiles cuts the work out of filtering your posts to put you in the graces of your boss or even your fans. No more worrying if inadvertently tell it like it is about your co-worker on Twitter or that embarrassing photo of you passed out on the couch is tagged on Facebook.

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