Why Your Tweets Get No Love

The average Twitter user sends out four tweets a day and is following close to 400 people.  That means on any given day your tweet about a new blog post or YouTube video will get washed away in a flood of 1,600 other updates. How could you possibly standout in the constantly digesting beast that is a Twitter feed?

With Twitter self-promotion, it’s no longer enough to just say “Hey check out my new YouTube video [insert video of cats playing an instrument].” Your tweets have to captivate your audience on an emotional level. Within those characters you must grab your audience’s attention, keep them captivated, and sell your product. So in other words, write your tweets like a movie pitch.

It doesn’t matter if your trying to sell a script, book, or television show. The pitch is an art form that demands mastering. With just a few short sentences you have to convince executives that they should give you a garbage bag full of money for your intellectual property. Of course a tweet is playing for smaller stakes but it is still important nonetheless.

Below are a few pitch techniques that can get your tweets noticed in a cutthroat 140-character world.


Get the feeling not the details

When writing tweets you have to remember you are working with people who were raised with Lite Brite and Creepy Crawler commercials being burned into their retinas every 15-seconds. The key is not in every little detail, it’s in the feelings that your tweets leave people with. I know how new age yoga teacher that sounds, but let’s use the example of your cat YouTube video as an example.


  • Don’t do this:


As a millennial if I see a tweet like that I might as well be reading a James Joyce novel. Instead keep it short and simple, capture the basic idea and pull your audience in from the first word.


  • Do This:


Stop over selling it

Once you have your pitch down, its time to stand up and leave the table. With any pitch once you know they’ve bought it don’t keep trying to sell it. On the flip side if people are not responding well to your tweet don’t keep re-tweeting. If you come off desperate you might as well start planning a little digital funeral for your social media career.


  • Don’t Do This



Know when to pull the reigns back on your social media interactions. Trying to start a trending topic while promoting your YouTube video is going to draw the attention away from your actual content.


  • Do This



Know your audience

The majority of my Twitter followers are people interested in comics and graphic novels. Imagine their confusion if I started tweeting about geology. You have to know whom your selling what to. If you are trying to pitch a horror film, chances are Pixar won’t be that interested.

The same applies for your Twitter feed. If your followers practice a strict pro dog anti cat platform then you can go ahead and assume your cat video will go unappreciated.



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