10 Better Ways To Use Twitter

I get it. You want that new iPad so badly that you’re spamming my Twitter feed one million times over. With your insistence to get the iPad that you tweet about it to increase your chances to win; you’ve just lost me as a follower. Now I think of you as a bot rather than a person sharing (some of) his inner thoughts. Don’t be that guy. If you don’t want to come across as annoying on Twitter, I suggest these ten better ways to spend your time on this microblogging gem:

Get Passionate About A Cause

 I know many of you have a pet cause that you love to rally about, but always wondered if your followers or your friends would take an interest in what you love? Twitter is a great way to promote your interests—whether it’s a fundraiser for a charity or supporting a cause—without having your friends reading a long, windy email about what you want them to donate. Just send the link and you’re done.

Snap Away

Twitter has made it easier for the everyman to witness an event or to capture the moments that would otherwise not be seen with words. Sharing photos is a good way to visualize your 140 characters because the character limit can only let you say a lot. Integrating your favorite photo app (Path, Instagram) with Twitter makes it easier for you to share your images.

Break News

Writing 140 characters or less can lead to a breaking news story. OK, the chances of you breaking a major story on Twitter are slim, but the rise of social media means that we get our news (and misinformation) faster than ever before. For instance, people on Twitter broke the news of Whitney Houston’s death 27 minutes before mainstream media ran with the story.

Quiz Your Friends

Looking for ways to interact with people and gain fans on Twitter? Got a burning question? Asking your friends or the general public questions on Twitter will likely encourage interaction, especially if it’s fascinating or relevant to your brand. It’s also useful when you’re travelling, especially if you’re new to a place and trying to find the best outdoor dining place in Santa Barbara for instance.

Respond To Your Fans, Friends and the Like

Twitter is like a friendship—it’s a two-way street. Why hog all your Twitter time for yourself when you could respond to someone’s interesting tweet or having a mini-conversation? It’s not always about spewing your opinions for all to see—it’s knowing what everyone’s talking about and how you can bring your two cents into the conversation.

Quotable Quotes

A good way to show your intellectual side on Twitter is sharing a quote from a famous person you admire or passage from something you’ve read. Or, if you’re out of ideas, just quote something you laughed on The Colbert Report.

Follow Friday

Spread the love every Friday by ensuring that your followers follow people you like on Twitter. By using the #FF tag, you’re getting your fans hyped about what you see as the most fascinating people you follow or accounts that are relevant to your brand. If they have manners, they will want their followers to follow you on Follow Friday.

Retweet In Moderation

While we’re on the subject of sharing on Twitter, you don’t have to hide the fact that you find someone else’s tweet interesting. In fact, if someone you’re following can do a better job at Tweeting, use the retweet, but don’t make it very frequent—it gets really annoying and doesn’t win you a lot of followers.

Tweet Chat

Twitter is not only a two-way street when it comes to interacting with others, but it’s also a meeting point for likeminded users. The power of the hashtag allows us to find a topic of conversation and some users have already started Twitter tweet chats as a way to go beyond the response and mention aspect. Some of these chats are formal and can occur at a scheduled time, so if you have a group that wants to discuss by saying less, this is a good idea to keep people interested and brief at the same time.

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