10 Things Social Media Has Improved

Last week, NewMediaRockstar’s fearless leader, Benny Luo, released an article about the many things that social media has ruined for him. Most notably among the list was his cellphone battery, his ability to get over his ex and his faith in humanity. Maybe he was in a foul mood that day, maybe his limousine got a flat tire on the way to work that morning -prompting him to verbally assault his incompetent chauffeur, but that seems like a fairly pessimistic outlook on social media. Sure, I don’t have my own fleet of super yachts, or a solid gold helicopter, but what Benny and I do have in common is a passion for social media. The only difference between us is that where he envisions the negative I see the positive. So without further delay, I present you with 10 things social media has improved.

1.Finding Jobs

Before I start, I know that Craigslist and LinkedIn job searches are over-saturated. However, I would rather have an easily accessible market for job searches over cold calling or the waking nightmare that is “asking for an application.”


2.Connecting With People Globally

I have three friends on Facebook with the exact same name as me. No, you did not misread that, I said ‘three’. Does it matter that I have no interest in what they have to say? Or that based on a cursory glance I would never want to spend more than one minute with them? No, it doesn’t, all that matters is now I know others are out there.


3.Criticism of Everything

Think about this- before social media, I would never have known what anonymous strangers think of the photos, articles or videos I post. Now I can be fairly judged on my content while having everything I produce be carefully scrutinized by self-appointed professionals.


4.Everyone’s Love Life

Without the Facebook relationship status how did I ever know who was dating whom? Thankfully, I can compare my love life to that of all my friends based on their photos and statuses. I have always wanted to know if a kid I went to fourth grade with is dating Becky from New Haven because it is, in fact, my business.


5.Lack of Boredom

I received my first computer at the tender age of 12 years-old. Since that fateful day I have never been bored once. Social media is the antithesis of boredom. Have you ever wanted to see dogs talking like humans? I have some good news for you, friends; there are 50 pages worth of related videos on YouTube, including one interview with a pet psychic. Awesome.


6.Telling People They Suck

Before Twitter and Facebook, if a celebrity made a sexist, racist or offensive comment, the only ways you could hope to express your rage were through hate mail or stalking. Fast-forward to 2012, Twitter now allows us to digitally flail any person who has in some way offended us. What an age we live in.


7.Buying Everything

I think NMR CEO Benny Luo put it best when he said, “Before social commerce, I used to have to gas up my platinum jet-pack and fly to the Cartier store for those special blood diamond cuff links. Because of social media I can just have them sent straight to one of my castles.” Well said, Benny, well said.


8.Making Money

Per my understanding of social media, if you develop software that allows users to share pictures or updates, at some point in the future you will have a vault full of gold coins that you can swim in a la Scrooge McDuck. I don’t know about you, but anything that increases the odds of bathing in money is fine by me.


9.Knowing Every Person’s Opinion on Global Events

I want to hear your opinions on the upcoming election. Forget the fact that I have never voted in my life or that I am not even registered. I find your thoughts about tea parties and Santorum’s insanely interesting. Thank you, social media!


10.My Faith In Humanity

Social media has hosted thousands of charitable causes and global efforts for peace. Take the Kony 2012 campaign, for example. There is no way it could have even gotten off the ground without social media. Even though the campaign itself is under fire right now, the inherently good nature of humanity shows in those 100 million views. Huzzah!