3 Free Games That Will Destroy All Productivity

This morning, while doing thorough research for my next article (read giving my cats laser eyes via Photoshop), CEO Benny Luo burst into the writer’s office in a frenzy of glittering jewels and cigar smoke. Apparently, while scouting for new butlers at the local orphanage, he saw several “filthy street urchins” playing “A Super Mario” and has now insisted that I cover the “increasingly popular trend of electronic video games.”

After I tried to explain that Super Mario is 27 years old, Benny informed me that “better men than you have died for speaking to me like that” and turned and left the room. In an effort to appease the man who signs my checks and bring you the best in social media fueled games, I present 3 free retro remix games that are distributed and promoted through social media.

Super Smash Land

Created by artist and programmer Dan Fornace, Super Smash Land takes the alarmingly popular Smash Brothers series and breaks it down into classic 8-bit glory. Super Smash Land takes everything that is great about Super Smash Brothers and combines it with the retro look that all of us from Generation Y love so dear. The game also features music from composer Inverse Phase, who was brought onto the project via Twitter. You can download both the Super Smash Land game and album here.


Mari0 is the strange love child of Super Mario Bros. and Portal from game developer Stabyourself. Mari0 features the classic platform game elements of the original Super Mario Bros. and throws the matter transportation aspects of the Portal franchise into the mix. I could sit here all day and try to clumsily explain how great this game is. Instead I will just direct you here, where you can download Mari0 for free.

Not Tetris 2

Not Tetris 2 is another classic remixing from Stabyourself that features all the elements of everyone’s favorite brick stacking simulator with aggressive amounts of real world physics. I sat down with Not Tetris 2 for about three seconds before my eyes started melting. This game is completely insane. A word of warning though, Not Tetris 2 is hard, nearly every time I played this game my screen ended up looking like a mass grave of Geometric shapes. If you want to give Tetris 2 your best shot, you can download it here.