4 Weird YouTube Channels that Will Make You Say WTF

‘’Das weiiird’’ isn’t just sh*t Mexican girls say. It’s also how normal people like me and my graphic designer buddy, NMR’s own Eddie Coleman, react to the very weird YouTube channels that we’ve dug up for you readers today. Trust me, Eddie is so normal that he spends his days staring back at chicks with Steve Buscemeyes on his computer screen because he thinks they’re trying to start a staring contest with him. When I asked him for suggestions on weird YouTube channels because I know he is, in fact, the most regular kind of guy, his response was, “weird weird? Or just weird?” If you showed Eddie a video of a green camel humping a lactating Whoopi Goldberg with tiny baby arms, he’d yawn. Needless to say, I just asked for ‘weird.’


Apparently, Arkham Asylum now allows their patients a generous 10 minutes of computer time a day to post YouTube videos. Welcome to the mind of an insane yokel afflicted with a pair of eyes set too far apart from each other (I imagine they move independently of each other as they search the surrounding environment for juicy bugs) and watch videos where he attempts to simultaneously decipher and explain the scary, complex world around him. What the f*ck is he talking about? I don’t know either, but at least he frequently puts on different accents and voices in his videos. It lessens the monotony of his videos, which is good because psychopaths are usually known for their predictability. Click here to check out Montagraph.


A woman reads “creepypasta” over eerie and stark pictures or video footage while a sparse assortment of instrumental notes play to further set the mood. Check out “The Rat King,” where I found this bright and lovely little diddy: “Ashley didn’t know any of this when she discovered the dried remains of thirteen rats knotted together by their tails neatly hidden between her bookshelf and the wall…” Hm, weird. That sort of thing is usually only found in the kitchens of authentic Chinese restaurants. Go figure. Click here to check out Thelittlefears.


Crudely drawn animation videos that feature characters like a rapping Scooby Doo, a rape-y, stab-by neighbor and a psychic team comprised of an anthropomorphic alligator, unicorn and green blob thing. Yeah. If Adult Swim (the channel that airs ATHF and Superjail!) called Mark M, the animator of these videos, they would probably say, “hey, your cartoons are too weird. Cut it out.” Click here to check out Sick Animation.


In one of Jeffery Dallas’s videos, a little kid who’s taken over Jeffery’s donut box abusively yells at Jeffery. I found this particularly bizarre since in my normal lil’ world the donuts are stolen from children, and I’m the one that abusively yells at them afterward and not the other way around. Just weird. The saltier the child’s tears, the tastier. Anyhow, expect nicely shot sketch comedy videos starring Jeffery, an awkward, nerdy man-child with glasses that rest all the way down on his nostrils. Click here to check out Jeffery Dallas.

Know of any others? Fill me in. And remember to follow me on Twitter. Or else. All I’m saying is that I’ve got Montagraph on speed dial, and he knows where you live (in a tiny bubble at the bottom of his bathroom sink drain).

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