5 Tips For Beginning YouTube Artists

With the rapidly growing New Media industry, many artists and brands are looking towards YouTube to build their image. Whether you’re looking to use YouTube as a platform to build and become a mainstream artist, or simply create a channel that generates stable ad revenue, here are 5 tips that may help you on your journey.


1. Find what you’re passionate in

The ways to promote art will always be changing, however the formula to success as an artist will never change. Before you start producing content to showcase on ANY outlet, you have to solidify exactly what you want to do and what your passions are. MysteryGuitarMan succeeded because of his love for film, and Kingsley succeeded because he simply talked about topics that he was passionate about and delivered it in an entertaining manner. In an industry like New Media where authenticity is heavily stressed, showcasing your passions is the best way to do it.


2. Research! Research! Research!

Spend time researching what type of content your target audience responds to. In the age of New Media and its A.D.D audience, you have to produce content that grabs and KEEPS the attention of your viewers. You can have a video with some solid content, but if it is not presented the right way, it may not do as well as you hoped.



3. Assemble a team

While purchasing expensive equipment or creating an all out production team shouldn’t be your top priority when starting out, it is always helpful to recruit 1 or 2 passionate people with production experience. As up and coming filmmakers everyone can benefit from collaborations. They can also act as a second set of eyes for critique before you release your content.


4. Organize & Set deadlines

If you’re really serious about building your brand through YouTube (or any other medium in general), you have to treat it as like any other job and make sure things get completed and ON TIME. A large factor in attaining social media success is not only consistency in quality content, but also consistency in releasing content on a regular basis to stay relevant in this saturating market. For more tips, check out our article on 10 Time Management Tips For New Media Artists.


5. Keep your mind fresh on what’s “in”

Assuming you are starting out with little or no budget, you might be forced to take on more roles including directing, producing, managing, and promoting your content. While I understand some of you are mainly aspiring to be purely talent (musician, comedian, actor, etc.), it is helpful to keep up-to-date on the latest gizmo’s in content production, business, marketing and promotions. As you become more successful, you will eventually gain the resources to hire a team to take care of the other jobs so you can focus more on your craft. Reading NewMediaRockstars will definitely help you fulfill this point ;).

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